Aditi Maheshwari

I believe that words have power. I write to feel twice, in the moment and in the retrospect. Right words help you get at the truth when the truth isn’t sufficient for the truth.

Khecheopalri Lake - Footprint of Lord Shiva!

Khecheopalri Lake, originally known as Kha-Chot-Palri (meaning the heaven of Padmasambhava) is a lake located near Khecheopalri village, west of Gangtok in the West Sikkim. The lake is sacred for both Buddhists and Hindus, and is believed to be a wish fulfilling lake.The lake water has curative properties and hence permitted to be used only for performing rites & rituals and because of all the astonishing stories behind this lake, it is known as the "wis

Black Rice - The Emperors Rice!

Black Rice is actually more purplish in colour than black; although when uncooked it is very dark in appearance. This type of rice is usually sold "un-milled," with the husk intact. It is also commonly used as a condiment, dressing, or as a decoration for different types of desserts in many countries around the world. High in nutritional value, black rice is r

Aditi’s Belief

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down. Words have power. I’ll like to influence individuals through my words, and bring a positive change in the routine lives of people and help them to remake their world. The right words are like a magic carpet on which we are wafted to a world that we cannot enter in any other way. Right words help you get at the truth when the truth isn’t sufficient for the truth. You can outgrow the old patterns & rethink differently, and live better.


Good work!
-Sunil Advani
Authentic content & to the point... love your style!
-Stephan Lukac
Great Content!
-Jim Cody! 4/4/2019
Hello! Love the growing content on your site!
-Nickolas Bouldin / 2018-11-25
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