Raise Your Standards to Upgrade Your Life!

Parameters of Self-Care

When we talk about standards, we are basically referring to the  Read More

Vikram Varsity launches course on Ramcharitmanas

Ramcharitmanas (reservoir of the deeds of Lord Ram), composed by the 16th century poet Goswami Tulsidasji, considered as one of the greatest devotional Hindu literatures.... Read More

Digital Health ID Card – Smart Governance or Good Governance?

Digital Health ID Card – Smart Governance or Good Governance? <.... Read More

Redefining Risk!

How an astronaut manages fear and risk?

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Driving - Friendly cars for the disabled

Driving - Friendly cars for the disabled

<.... Read More

Economics of Climate Change in Indian Context!

Due to the unabated global warming over th.... Read More

Boom in Private Higher Education in Madhya Pradesh

MP– “The Heart of India” gets 220 new colleges in a span of one-year. According to the All-India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) for the academic y.... Read More

Emotional Intelligence: The way forward!

Qualities of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader


Emotional intelligence.... Read More

Crisis Leadership Skills!

Being of value when it truly matters! Read More

Disabled Women Must Be Included in Discussions Against Male Violence

Raise Objections When It Matters Most

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Initiating conversations around Micro aggressions

What appears to be small, is in real sense BIG!

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The Mindset Game!

Habits of People with Remarkable Mental Toughness

.... Read More

My Reply to My Critics...

Be You, Do You!

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