Emotional Intelligence: The way forward!

Qualities of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader


Emotional intelligence.... Read More

Crisis Leadership Skills!

Being of value when it truly matters! Read More

Disabled Women Must Be Included in Discussions Against Male Violence

Raise Objections When It Matters Most

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Initiating conversations around Micro aggressions

What appears to be small, is in real sense BIG!

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The Mindset Game!

Habits of People with Remarkable Mental Toughness

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My Reply to My Critics...

Be You, Do You!

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Challenges of E-Waste

 In today’s technology.... Read More

The Threat of Epidemics!

Disease outbreaks are nature’s way of highlighting the deeper concerns. Human nature is to take for granted what is easily availab.... Read More

Dyslexia and Imagination!

Imagination is the backbone of resourcefulness. The creativity leveraged in this process is the heart of breakthroughs. .... Read More

Stop Abdicating - Own Your Amazement!

The one choice that can change your life forever is to own who you truly are. Own your dreams and believe its possible to achieve them. There might be r.... Read More

Your Personal Brand Is One of Your Most Strategic Assets - Make It Work For You!

Personal branding can be said to be your corporate identity. So, what is personal branding? Well, it’s an activity that states the USP of the in.... Read More

Spotlight Awesome or Awful?

While bold planning is unquestionably essential, yet it’s important to reconsider whether we are leading to a lopsided pattern of success or towa.... Read More

Travelling! – Generating Ideas and Learning’s

Travelling is known as a source of rejuvenation and refreshment. Some people travel with the intention of spending quality time with their family and fr.... Read More

Financial Navigation through Covid

Covid is a global wellness challenge. Hundreds of millions of people across the continents of the world .... Read More

Prison of Depression!

Depression is increasing massively at this time of Covid crisis. But nonetheless it was prevalent earlier too. Be.... Read More

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