Intuition or Fear?

Intuition is to identify with the soul. Using your third eye is what i.... Read More

Is Animal Testing Justified?

Humans eating animals speaks of an evolutionary heritage. Human brain grew in complexity when hunting, and human culture flourishe.... Read More

Gadgets Every Entrepreneur Must Try Their Hands On.

Simplicity of gadgets enhances the quality of our lives, provided we don$t make gadgets our life. The entrepreneur$s can experience the brilliance of technological companion through the use of the following gadget.... Read More

Tech Trends to Watch Out for In 2020

The development of virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. will dominate the artificial intelligence world. The triggering emotions behind our dependency on AI may sometimes make us overlook the negatives. Our hu.... Read More

Pearls from the Grit of Life!

Developing skills is essential for humans, but there is something more important and that is effort. Our will is to truly earn .... Read More


Human defense mechanism.... Read More

Is Sexy the New Empty?

In today’s time does sexy means to reveal more? Is this the limit of our perception? Is soft beauty no more beautiful? Has elegan.... Read More

World of Virtual Conferencing.

The online world is an omphalos of opportunities, whether you want to expand your knowledge base or do business or provide service.... Read More

Ways To Beat Brain Fog And Get Over That Afternoon Slump.

We all experience a lack of drive occasionally but brain fog is much more than that, its a medical condition referring to reorient.... Read More

Are Black and White Colours?

Colours hold significance with the emotions they carry. If there is warmth in your heart the colours will feel beautiful and if yo.... Read More

The Internal Laundry!

The most attractive quality in any person lies in their elegance, which no picture can express. It$s your personality trait that s.... Read More

Music and Your Brain!

Music is not a limited sphere in case of energy frequency. Every r.... Read More

Mithali Raj- Pursuit Of Excellence!

Mithali Raj is one of the greatest batswomen to have ever played cricket. She is the highest run-scorer in women international cri.... Read More

Life Lessons from Missile Man - Bharat Ratna- Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam!

Dr. Kalam always remained composed with his signature smile playing on his lips. He inspired us to face ou.... Read More

The Morning Mirror!

Every new morning, every new sunshine is a miracle for the wise. There is a special freshness in the environment, a treasure you c.... Read More

The Ergonomics of Happiness.

Happiness is the light in the heart, the twinkle in your eyes, the bou.... Read More

An Entrepreneurs Secret To Owning Multiple Enterprises.

Being a kingpin means being accountable for your actions. The balancing act of juggling various priorities require a calm confiden.... Read More

A Million Sparks!

Imagination is a powerful motivator to ignite new ideas and to implement those ideas in reality. The beauty and mystery of this wo.... Read More

Mountain of Tenacity!

The role of women in Indian society is too often viewed as a kind of liability. For families that .... Read More

Mother - The Ultimate Lady Goddess!

The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body and yet each child represented just that- a mother$s heart bared, .... Read More

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