Want To Build A Great Team? Never Be The Smartest Person In The Room.

Whenever we choose to surround ourselves with people who are better than us we sort of open the door of discovery. We start attrac.... Read More

The Dumbbell Dance!

Lifting up and down, open and close, feeling fiasco initially. Velocity of movements varying as per the weights I.... Read More

Teslas Celebration of Failure- Master Stroke!

Tesla$s new broken glass Cybertruck T-shirt is a celebration of failure Elon Musk style. From the vehicle$s launch event that went ano.... Read More

Atal Bihari Vajpayee- The Fountainhead of Simplicity and Effectiveness!

Coming from a humble background, Vajpayeeji proves that a man of integrity is self-sufficient and is a well of ascension. A person.... Read More

Ratan Naval Tata - A Man of Character and Resilience.

Mr. Ratan Tata needs no introduction. He is a brand in himself. His art of being wise lies in acknowledging and honouring the simp.... Read More

4 AM!

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The Virtue of Selfishness!

Nothing good comes easy. Invest in your self development, so when someone tells you you are amazing- you BELIEVE them. It doesn$t take a wishbone, it takes a backbone to be your true self. One of the biggest POWER.... Read More

Pearls of Gleams in these Autumn Nights!

Every living creature greets the light. The quantum of light they have inside determines which lamp in the sky their he.... Read More

Unapologetically You: Reflections on the power of communication!

Reflections on the Power of Communication!

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Full of Self Yet So Selfless!

Flowers accoutre in freshness, dancing with the breeze, with profound purity spreading an enchanting scent, with the same spirit t.... Read More

Intuition or Fear?

Intuition is to identify with the soul. Using your third eye is what i.... Read More

Is Animal Testing Justified?

Humans eating animals speaks of an evolutionary heritage. Human brain grew in complexity when hunting, and human culture flourishe.... Read More

Gadgets Every Entrepreneur Must Try Their Hands On.

Simplicity of gadgets enhances the quality of our lives, provided we don$t make gadgets our life. The entrepreneur$s can experience the brilliance of technological companion through the use of the following gadget.... Read More

Tech Trends to Watch Out for In 2020

The development of virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. will dominate the artificial intelligence world. The triggering emotions behind our dependency on AI may sometimes make us overlook the negatives. Our hu.... Read More

Pearls from the Grit of Life!

Developing skills is essential for humans, but there is something more important and that is effort. Our will is to truly earn .... Read More


Human defense mechanism.... Read More

Is Sexy the New Empty?

In today’s time does sexy means to reveal more? Is this the limit of our perception? Is soft beauty no more beautiful? Has elegan.... Read More

World of Virtual Conferencing.

The online world is an omphalos of opportunities, whether you want to expand your knowledge base or do business or provide service.... Read More

Ways To Beat Brain Fog And Get Over That Afternoon Slump.

We all experience a lack of drive occasionally but brain fog is much more than that, its a medical condition referring to reorient.... Read More

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