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We Are All Somebody!

A brave man acknowledges the strength of others. Emotion is "recognition". Recognising isn't at all like seeing, the two often don't even agree. When people are missing out in the choices & cannot make a distinction between moral & immoral values during different walks of life, they will have a hard time to inhabit a pleasing & enriching life & to integrate into a world of understanding & recognition. The only way out is, to recognise the abuse and step out of it.

Gratitude is a miracle of it's own recognition. Learn to value the people who go out of their way for you, who appreciate your presence, who never take you for granted, who respect your identity. It brings out a sense of appreciation & sincerity of being. Recognise yourself as a person who has received a precious gift from your creator. If we reflect, we shall recognise. 

It is our duty to recognise the importance of every person. If you have been hurt in the past or have been disappointed, don't punish yourself or other new people in your life for things they have not done. The success you receive is hollow, if your motive is solely selfish. Learn to recognise the people in your journey of life, they deserve that honour. 

Romanticise authenticity instead of perfection. Love has something to do with recognition. We can be fascinated by the unknown, we can be attracted by it, but love is something that grows slowly, in an atmosphere of trust. If someone is unable to trust you with the truth, they don't really love you or even if they love you, that love will not last long because there is no trust.  

Those who are truly grateful are deeply moved by the privilege of living. Empowerment comes from self-realisation & recognition of our internal gifts, which we already have. It is a kind of assault, this constant insistence that we can't be publically acknowledged. 

Acknowledge the sunshine that you are and surround yourself with people who are secure enough to let you shine and prove to be great companions in your journey of life.