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Are You An Entrepreneur Or A Wantrepreneur?

All real entrepreneurs are driven by their passion & love for business, wantrepreneurs are driven by the idea of being an entrepreneur. To grow an idea from conception to a successful, thriving business, you will need a lot of hard work, massive action, untiring dedication, self-belief which is the backbone needed to withstand the entire process confidently, no fear of rejection, is the key to persistence and consistency will lead to fruitful results. If you are not 100% convinced and passionate about your product or service, why should anyone else be? Let me ask you a question: If you had all the money & time in the world, would you still be dedicated & driven to grow your business? If the answer to this question is No, then call it quits, right now. You will save yourself a lot of time, money & stress. To desire something & to work for it, are two different aspects all together. This is not a short time effort game, it will take many years to become an overnight success, but giving yourself a chance, is half the battle won. 

Entrepreneurship requires stamina & character. When it comes down to it, taking action is what really counts. Entrepreneurs take the leap of faith even when their website, prototype, or product is not complete. Don't worry if you think you are not ready, you'll learn more by just doing, than what you will ever read in a book. The textbook theories won't help you in real world. Although, I still recommend reading books as it will open your mind to various perspectives & broaden your outlook in life, but keep in mind, to not let yourself become paralysed by information, take massive action. Real entrepreneurs do what they say they're going to do, wantrepreneurs talk about it but never really get started. 

Wantrepreneurs have this idealistic vision of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. They visualise it as the quickest way to get rich or the ability to be their own boss or the flexibility of deciding their own working hours & not have to answer to anyone. But entrepreneurship is much more than that- To be your own boss & to not answer anyone means you will need to be extremely disciplined & hard on yourself. When you act responsibly, only then you can achieve greatly. Setting your own working hours only means you'll be pouring in more in the beginning, because you'll be overflowing with ideas, tasks & projects that need to get done. It's ridiculous, the roller coaster of emotions, you have to go through in order to start, grow & eventually exit your own business. 

You'll have moments of total despair & frustration where you wonder if you are crazy to even attempt this, but you'll also have insane highs where you feel like you're on top of the world. Entrepreneurs know the sacrifice it takes, to actually perform in all scenarios.

Risk is a crucial factor every entrepreneur takes because they understand that nothing can be achieved without risk of some sort. Entrepreneur makes progress a priority. They strive to take a step forward- no matter how small a step- every single day, because they know, nothing can replace action. They are concerned with addressing pain points, providing real customer value proposition, & creating a scalable, profitable & sustainable model. 

Wantrepreneur & Entrepreneur respond to risk in starkly different ways. Wantrepreneurs allow their fear of failure to influence their actions & behaviour, & in most cases, will not take action towards realising their vision & creating what they intended. They make excuses such as lack of funds, no guidance, no resources, too difficult to break through, because if they don't try, they won't fail. The true entrepreneurs are scrappy, bringing out their inner ingenuity to find a creative solution to whatever obstacle comes their way. For a true entrepreneur there is no such thing as a dead end, there are only new opportunities for growth. 

Building a business is not for the weak. There are extensive moments of doubts & chaos, minimal hard-won successes, countless lessons learned the hard way, crushing amounts of pressure & stress & prolonged periods of struggle & financial instability. Wantrepreneurs simply do not have what it takes to weather the storm of a startup. And eventually, they call it quits. The real difference between a wantrepreneur & entrepreneur is not their skill or acumen but their hunger, drive & dedication. Remember, a life without trying is a life not lived. Decide for yourself.