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Yellow - My Love!

Yellow my favourite colour. Yellow is the colour of the sun. Sun rises everyday to shine it's beauty and sets every evening to rejuvenate itself for another day. Similar, is the beauty of life, in order to shine we need to struggle everyday and keep in mind to take regular intervals of rest & refresh ourselves to work hard with a smile the other day. 

Yellow is a colour of love & honour for me just like a beautiful sunflower which opens it's beauty to the sun. Just as sunflower honours the sun by being fully focused on it, similarly, we must focus on our dreams to make them come true. Yellow is the colour which makes my life bright with happiness & enthusiasm. It spreads a special energy of true love for me. 

Sunflowers make me smile much brighter because I see a special face in them. The yellow colour adds a special aura to it, can't define it properly in words, but trying my best. It's like whenever I see yellow- I feel as if nothing is lacking, there is only abundance feeling surrounding it. As if I have my whole world in it. A special feeling. A special happiness. Yellow is complete in itself. 

Yellow not only brings back light alone, it also brings back hope & freshness- a new beginning with old friends & family. It makes me feel festive, full of glory, beauty, love & grace, a feeling of reuniting with oneself- something I can't live without. 

Everyday, the moment you open your eyes, you welcome a new beam of sunlight, a new morning and with it comes new possibilities. Open your heart & be brave to these new possibilities & focus on a new start of thinking abundantly - A start where no old wounds or hurts exists, just new way of looking & loving at ourselves & others. Hold your true friends close to your heart, let no disappointments or fears, come in your way because there is beauty in togetherness. To say goodbye is to die a little. To say good morning, is a hope for a new sunshine in a cloudy winter. A love story that started with sunshine - A bright yellow colour and beautiful songs of love & hope. It's the songs we sing and the smiles we wear, that's making sunshine everywhere.