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There Is A Soul Hidden In Everything.

The greatest problem with communication is people don't listen to understand. They listen to reply. Assumptions are the termites of relationships. Self-consciousness kills communication, a person who knows the truth but can't face it, is the one who tries to escape from that conversation. A person who is confident that he has not done anything wrong or a person who is confident to accept that he is wrong, will never feel the need to hide or abuse others. Your personal insecurities speak louder in your actions. Your speech is part of your thought. 

An honourable person can handle things with gentle grace. They don't need to be partial, or diminish others. They don't manipulate, lie or block others inorder to feel secure. An honourable person sets the record straight for others, so that they can move on with their life. To talk in a way that heals & not in a way that wounds requires strength of character. 

Every act of communication is a miracle of translation and here your mentality plays it's role. Whether you can take others feelings into account, whether you respond gracefully, whether you operate clearly, here your culture is being reflected. True education means educating people to be intelligent enough to make moral choices. 

Honesty is a fine foundation from which to build upon. What makes you a stable person is your emotional sensitivity, your self-awareness, & your ability to communicate who you are effectively and compassionately in the world. When you are confident and secure in your own being, you won't feel the need to hurt others, keep them in illusions, diminish their identity, or abuse them etc. You feel depressed because you are not honouring your higher self. 

Words are the voice of the heart. Instead of seeing how much pain I can dish out towards those I disagree with, or who I believe have done me wrong, I seek to follow the golden rule & use my words & behaviour to create more of what the world needs- love & compassion. When religious people take the stance that they don't owe anyone that is hurting a closure or answers then God is not winning. Conflict continues because of lack of humanity, lack of communication, lack of empathy, fear & indifference. Seek to find deeper meaning & significance rather than living on the surface.