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The Brexit Updates

The EU removed the last major obstacle to sealing an agreement on Brexit after Spain said it had reached a deal Saturday with Britain over Gibraltar on the eve of an EU summit. Spainish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced Saturday that Madrid would support the Brexit divorce deal after the U.K. & the EU agreed to give Spain a say in the future of Gibraltar, which lies at the southern tip of the Mediterranean  nation. 

Europe & U.K. have accepted the conditions imposed by Spain. Therefore, as a result, Spain will lift it's veto & today will vote in favour of Brexit. Sanchez said that the deal is "is going to allow us to have direct negotiations with the U.K. regarding Gibraltar." He said the agreement reached would give Spain "absolute guarantees to resolve the conflict that has lasted for more than 300 years before Spain & the U.K. The High Court will rule as early as Christmas whether Brexit should be declared "void", in a legal case given a turbo-boost by the criminal investigation into Leave funder Arron Banks. Judges are poised to fast track the potentially explosive challenge, after Theresa May's refusal to act on the growing evidence of illegality in the 2016 referendum campaign. The case is likely to move to a full hearing & a ruling within weeks of opening on 7th Dec., with the clock ticking on the U.K.'s departure from the EU next March. 

Ben Bradshaw, a labour MP who has pressed for a full investigation into Mr. Banks activities, said: "This case should be explored given the allegations & the very serious crimes we know were committed by the Leave campaign." We have heard far too often that Brexit is the "will of the people". On the evidence now available, it cannot be said with any degree of certainty that the result would have remained the same had the law not been broken. The case will argue that Brexit must be declared void & the notification of Article 50 quashed, because "various criminal offences may have been committed."

Mr. Banks could be given a two year prison sentence if he is found to have "knowingly concealed" that an Isle of Man company was the source of upto  Pounds 8m for Leave. EU - which would have been outlawed as a foreign donation. He denies the charges. EU & the main Vote Leave campaign, fronted by Boris Johnson & Michael Gove, was found by the Electoral Commission to have broken the law. It had been expected that any ruling would admit the conclusions of the NCA probe, but it is now thought it will be fast tracked - with just 4 months until Brexit day. 

Rupert Croft, who will represent the British expats in other EU countries said: "My clients think that it's absolutely extraordinary that the PM refuses to take any action whatsoever in relation to the information uncovered about the conduct of the EU referendum that casts doubt upon it's legitimacy" - this will be one of the factors they will be relying upon at the hearing.    

Theresa May said she will fight "with all her heart" to get her Brexit deal through Parliament after it was backed by EU leaders at a historic Summit. She said a "crucial" debate on Brexit lies ahead in the coming weeks & that if the deal was voted down by MPs it would "open the door to more division & uncertainty." She said that pushing it through would lead to a "brighter future." 

But the PMs political difficulties at home showed no signs of abating on Sunday with Labour & the DUP both vowing to vote down the Brexit deal in it's current form. Mrs. May now faces the fight of her political life as she spends the next fortnight campaigning for the deal across the US before a vote in Parliament likely to take place in the 2nd week of December. 

The Wesh Govt. said it had not "subjected any individual or organisation to an NDA."  
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EU leaders signed off on the prime minister's Brexit deal in a specially arranged summit in Brussels on Sunday. But the potential of leaving the EU without a deal remains because there is no guarantee that Theresa may will be able to get enough support for the deal in the House of Commons. The Vote in Parliament is expected to happen in early December.