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Neon Is Common In Universe, Rare On Earth.

In their simplicity & directness neon signage is a kind of urban iconography with which we can identify on many levels. With new stages of life, your self-image shifts with new duties & responsibilities. If you really wanna make it glow. Communication is the centre of the world. It is the glue of our daily lives. When it goes well, we don't  see it. When it goes wrong, it negatively colours the day, makes us feel angry, unwanted, isolated, lonely, unhappy, and it curtails our possibilities, opportunities, freedom, happiness, etc. Neon is a thrust away from isolated signage. Moon is a superstar to a neon light, both are in doubt of their lifeless plight, one envies the Sun, the other ones scared, but to face the dark they are always prepared. When we add vibrant colours to our life by including love, communication, respect, humour, friendship, inclusion, our life brightens up. Believe in redefining the impossible. You become limitless when you overcome what holds you back, it's that simple. Neon loves to glow similarly, all neon lovers like to surround themselves with glowing personalities. Neon: number 10 in table but no. 1 in advertising. Neon is like a bright idea, it makes you happy as it's colourful. Cool people like neon colours. They shine bright, they are vibrant with colourful minds & hearts. Neon means new, light up your world with new changes, new communications, new ideas, new freedom, new lifestyle, new happiness, new spirit, new friendships, new you. Reach for the Neon. Love neon colours. I invite you to get your shine on!