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Are You Brave or Belligerent with Mistakes?

In life all of us experience bumps, bruises and oh crap moments. In this article, I would like to take you through an introspective journey of mistakes. Your perspective can either fuel your growth or make you nasty- the choice will always be yours. 

To embrace your mistakes is more honourable. The first step to embrace your mistake is recognition. Be a leader who can admit mistakes. Being accountable to the people in your life, you simply have to have the confidence to own your mistakes and admit when you're wrong or when you messed up. It's difficult to be 100% right all the time, but it's not difficult to admit when you are wrong. If someone criticises you, or points out your mistake, reflect upon what they said, it will make you realise the fact, that they maybe right. A criticism is not always done with the intention to belittle you, sometimes it's done to open your eyes to the effects of your wrong doing and bring you back to the path of righteousness. Remember, the ones who tell you your mistakes are your true well wishers, for they have the courage to be true to you, without the fear of your reaction. Example: If you see your loved one jumping in a deep well & inspite of you calling them they are not stopping... what would you do? You will run & catch them & give them a tight slap... Now reflect upon the fact that, is this tight slap a violent act or you did it to wake them up from destroying their own life. #Wisdom. 

Moreover, there will be times when people on purpose will be unfair to you, cheat you, belittle you, try to diminish your sense of self, abuse you, etc... at such times, when such unhealthy activities are done on purpose, the best thing to do is to try to first make them realise where they are crossing that fine line but in a way that does not abuse and if they still continue with their negative mentality- forgive them & distance yourself from them. Unconditional love is only for innocent souls, be wise in discerning. Your life is equally precious as that of others & so only welcome innocent souls in it, whether it's your heart space or your mind space. Keep pure energy around you.  

Think about it: Who would you rather trust- the person who denies anything is amiss or the person who admits their error & then follows up with a plan to correct it? Better yet, what if that same person who admits they made a mistake reaches out to their team for ideas on how to make things right? I've found that leaders who show their vulnerability & admit that they are human, foster greater engagement among their associates. Own your anger & frustration. Admit your wrong doings and address the mistake. Own your mistakes and don't let your mistakes own you. Be accessible only to healthy stuff which includes healthy criticism.

In short, being accessible, answering questions, admitting mistakes, and saying you are sorry, aren't liabilities. They are exactly the tools you can use to build your credibility & authority to lead. 

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