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Unlock The Magic of Books!

Books have a well-earned reputation to make us smarter, well informed and intellectually active. But what we fail to realise is that books make us better understand others perspective. It develops our empathetic skills and makes us intellectually humble.

Reading births a new life into our brain. We activate regions of the brain that are aligned to what the characters are feeling and doing and also adopt their styling. We start living the book on a neurological level. Seeing yourself and others from a different perspective is an incredible empathy workout. 

Researchers have found that visual imagery is simply automatic. We make photos in our mind, even without being prompted to, simply by reading a description. The language processing parts and the experiential parts of our brain come alive when we're told a story - that is the power of words. When we read, the brain does not make a real distinction between reading about an experience and actually living it. However, while you can hop into a VR game at the mall and enjoy it, it seems that reading is the original virtual reality experience, at least for your brain. 

Not everyone is a natural reader, however they can be trained to become one. In a reading program from Carnegie Mellon, scientists discovered that the volume of white matter in the language area of the brain actually increases because of a daily habit of reading. We become more empathetic to people in real lives when we become more aware and alert to the lives of others.

Just like any other muscle of the body, the brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy. The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to tackle any challenge you'll ever face. Consider the fact: Should you ever find yourself in dire circumstances, remember that although you might lose everything- your job, your possessions, your money, even your health - knowledge can never be taken from you. 

Your everyday vocabulary improves as you gain exposure to different subjects while reading. Being articulate and well-spoken is great help in any profession, and it improves your self-confidence, which can be an enormous boost to your self esteem. Try reading for 15-20 minutes before work and you'll be surprised at how much more focused you are once you get to the office. In our internet-crazed world, attention is drawn in a million different directions at once as we multitask through everyday. In a single 5-mins span, the average person will divide their time between working on a task, checking mails, chatting with a couple of people (via gchat, messenger, etc) keeping an eye on Facebook, Instagram & other social media apps, monitoring their smartphones and interacting with co-workers. This type of ADD- like behaviour causes stress levels to rise and lowers our productivity. 

While reading a book provides relaxation, it also depends on the subject you are reading, that you may feel immense peace and tranquillity. No matter how much stress you have at work, in your personal relationships, or countless other issues faced in daily life, it all just slips away when you lose yourself in a great story. A well-written novel can transport you to other realms, while an engaging article will distract you and keep you in the present moment, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax. 

Step away from your computer for a little while, crack open a book and replenish your heart, mind and soul for a little while and see the magical results it brings to your life. It brings awakening at a different level all together.