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The Ergonomics of Happiness.

Happiness is the light in the heart, the twinkle in your eyes, the bounce in your steps, the satisfaction on your face, the excitement in your spirit, the warmth that you feel. These are the human factors that reveal whether you are truly happy or not; and how do you achieve this? Why is that people smile to hide the pain? Why do people who smile less are considered to NOT be happy? Can someone keep smiling the entire day, even when truly happy? 


Everyone is at different stages in their personal journey of life. Moreover, what satisfies one person is not even close to satisfaction for another. We as humans believe that all the materialistic things when achieved will make us happy and content and thus we get ourselves arrested in the mad race of achieving money, glamour, etc. at the cost of compromising with our values. Has anyone considered that this compromise leaves us frustrated and makes us engage in wrong doings only because we become too afraid to face the reality and lack the courage to ameliorate. We forget the fact that our happiness lies in being satisfied and at peace with our self. Materialistic things will not make us happy otherwise we would never hear any rich person commit suicide or getting depressed.   


Satisfaction comes when we are true to ourselves, when we can acknowledge our weaknesses with the same vigour as our strengths and at the same time being graceful enough to change for the better, to apologize when wrong. When you know what you did is the right thing or when you put in the right efforts, or even when you don’t get the desired results, you still feel satisfied because of the fact that you did your best in the given situation. Happiness is a deep love towards yourself, which you can experience only when you are bold enough to answer the questions of life with honesty. Own your story, no matter how painful it might be because you lived it truly. Once you accept your truth, you will be healed from its pain and sorrows. Let no one make you feel sorry for living your authentic life. 


Just like the sun rising every morning giving us a fresh start, similarly its healthy to rise from our personal negativeness and give ourselves a fresh perspective on life and a renewed courage to outperform our previous limited beliefs, that keep holding us back from experiencing life in all its glory. It’s all about our mindset. Do we wish to conquer ourselves or are we contented in the pity party we throw for ourselves every now and then. 


The truth is nothing and no one is perfect; but what matters is the will to improve ourselves for the better. We can bring happiness into our lives by doing what we love most and also by exploring our talents by learning new skills or any new art or by travelling or by talking to strangers or by going on a new adventure or maybe by simply practicing our hobbies. Happiness is extremely simple and frugal in nature. 


In the face of difficulties, problems, failures, fears, etc. that life throws at each one of us in a unique package, the best happiness hack is to deal with it is by being true to ourself. Say "YES" only when you feel it’s right and be strong enough to say "NO" when you know that what you are being offered is unacceptable or against your principles and morals. Time, Commitment, Inner Peace, Integrity, Love, Loyalty, Character, Manners, Respect, Morals, Values, Trust, Patience, Class etc are deeper than what appears prima facie. Our true happiness depends on the strength of our foundation. Whether it’s our personal or professional life we’ll be truly happy only if the choices we make are authentic to our core selves. This authenticity will bring us satisfaction which will give us a calm confidence within ourselves and will thus result in us making healthy choices in life. All these healthy choices will in turn nourish us from deep within and will make our journey harmonious and happy. You will be able to appreciate life and its blessings even during the storms of life and that is the energy which you can define as "HAPPY".