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The Morning Mirror!

Every new morning, every new sunshine is a miracle for the wise. There is a special freshness in the environment, a treasure you cannot find during other times of the day. We experience a cheerful countenance when we walk barefoot on the grass; the dew on the grass rejuvenates our senses; apart from that the green colour of the grass and surrounding trees, helps our body to foster calming hormones. The morning routine is a defining moment of the day. It's up to us whether we will extract the brightness of the morning or just wish it away. Every morning is a beautiful new spectacle to harness our potential with burning passion. It's important that we are greatfull for the opportunity gifted to us. Now it's solely our responsibility to do justice with it. Certain habits to refine your morning schedule are:- 

  • Welcome the new rays of the sun with a winged heart. 
  • Burst open into light by reading for atleast 30 minutes. A great book opens you up from inside out along with cherishing a magical cup of  coffee or tea to boost your energy levels. 
  • Walk or exercise for atleast 30 minutes. 
  • Notice the beauty of nature and take deep breaths, as this will help you heal; and also incorporate prayer time as it is a great way to give thanks to God for the new blessings.
  • Read newspaper to stay updated. 
  • Enjoy a hearty breakfast.
  • Always remember, on Easter morning, death too was defeated, so there is nothing that you cannot achieve and so believe in yourself.