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Unapologetically You: Reflections on the power of communication!

You can learn a great deal when you actually listen, with humility, to what others have to say; there you'll find hidden treasures to process and learn. Maybe you receive a great opinion, or a piece of knowledge, or a story either of their own life or someone else's that helps you understand life differently. Books are the best examples, they are sources of great insights simply through their power of communication. Communication is not merely to express feelings but its a tool to understand better. 

Where the trust account is high communication is easy, but the point is not always that we don't trust others, sometimes we simply lack courage to believe in ourselves, to effectively communicate.
Communication if done recklessly can have deep repercussions, it can lead to wrong information spread, damage reputations, and also lead to false beliefs and unfounded hope. An honourable person believes in the integrity of his words and their effects. A simple thank you or sorry are not just basic manners but have greater impact than we realise. To be clear and transparent while communicating sets the record straight and honours others as well as oneself and is a great reflection of true gratitude. Without saying a word one can make a person feel less than. 

You create the realities you inhabit. By recognising others you simply reveal depth of character, as you understand the basic rule that its simply not always about you and to be truly human and inhabit holy characteristics its important to live with empathy. 

Conversation is an art, a balance between what to say, when to say, how to say and also what not to say. Everything is recognised by everyone either consciously or unconsciously but only few have the strength to recognise it in open. Remember, if someone or something can't be recognised in public then it shouldn't enjoy you in private. Recognise the true sense of integrity and honour. Don't get mislead by false promises appearing real. Hearts are not stones to play with, be accountable for your own heart and that of others. Be responsible and honourable. 

Communication is an art of translating what needs to be said and what needs to remain unsaid. Appropriate and respectful silences act as buffer zones to truly communicate better. 

To really change for the better, the greatest challenge is to renew your mind. Nobody knows it all and everyone is a work in progress in their unique pathways but its important to be persistent in educating humanity on how similar we are with a tweak of uniqueness. So if there is something you don't desire for yourself, don't give it to others. Never inflict wounds and hurts in others, instead be a magnet of love, compassion and empathy. 

The cyber culture has greatly twisted the communication skills for its advantage. Truth, Respect and Integrity are losing their significance. In the current time, human bonds are typically based on superficial stuff that are misleading rather than true depth of character. To make it easy for others to get along with you, you need to stop being overly self conscious and remove the kinks out of yourself. Invest time and energy in investigating your inner world which has the quality to affect your life greatly. The world is an unfair place and for us to measure rightness, the only way is by the truth within ourselves. Its high time to overcome your pride and open your mind beyond what is comfortable. 

Its a fact that every person has a profound story of their own life journey and to truly know a person and understand him/her empathy plays a great role. To extract the pure and complete potential of each such story and to broaden the perspective of the society in general its important to have courage to be true.