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Pearls of Gleams in these Autumn Nights!

Every living creature greets the light. The quantum of light they have inside determines which lamp in the sky their heart will swoon. Let the glow of kindness kindle in your heart always and its warmth will make the world a little more beautiful place. Your heart is frozen only until the day of realisation, till the truth has been learned. The light of God’s word liberates you from the deceptions, from the manipulations, from the sadness of failures, from the chains of imprisonment and finally from the lack of self-love.


How charming the song of a free heart? No attachments, no bondage’s, no expectations... Simply enjoying the presence of being. Free to explore the wonders of life. Wandering in the midst of the unknown. Acknowledging the strange liberation which once felt devastating, now feels truly special. Dancing, singing, laughing your heart out and absorbing the flood of joy. Whether the golden rays of the sun or the silver beams of the moon, a free spirit acknowledges the magic of each moment in time. No more clouding the senses, seeing the truth for what it is. Letting the light shine in the shadow spots and clear the unwanted ego-based beliefs and choices and enjoying the movement towards light.


"L- Light and Love"... Like the star of a sailor, the light of God’s word shines and guides to the open heart, ready to embrace life with a new perspective. The sacred march towards a purpose greater than ourselves begins as we welcome God and his people and cherish the poetry of humanity at core level.


The sweet smell of flowers, the array of colours, the hearty feast, the delight to meet family and friends, a royal thanks giving to the Lords, the love and affection that beats in all hearts- young and old, the grand festival of lights make me rethink the bounty of life.


The gracious festival which celebrates victory- Triumph over Tragedy! The light of candles and lamps all around and the dazzling fireworks of enthusiasm. Putting on new apparels, adorning the thali, thronging the temples, praying and offering the deities to bless our household. Diwali is our splendid chance to dig deeper into our higher self and look at the reality, to take a moment of light to the less fortunate, to offer joy to the less fortunate, those who are denied of true laughter and smiles for days, months and years. Who know not what it is to enjoy? When you can be someone’s ally, that’s when you have truly celebrated the spirit of light and love and that’s when you’ll have a truly HAPPY DIWALI.  


Covid times have reinforced the power of unity and humanity. It’s time we learn to live fully present and conscious to our surroundings. To be more open minded and responsible and to live a wholesome life by sharing with a big heart, is what will now sustain our well-being as a global society. Reflection is the need of the hour. Every individual is accountable of contributing towards the society without any exception. Contributions may not always be monetary; a responsible behaviour is also a big contribution. Atleast, you won’t add to the suffering. Be a solution and if you can’t be a solution, atleast don’t be part of the problem. Be wise.