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4 AM!

Roll up your sleeves!

When you are up a few hours early each morning before your standard time to wake up, you get a good time to smash at the activities that relate to your passion. The result will be you'll feel more inspired during the day. 4 AM is that time of the day where there is no kind of distraction and you can solely focus on your goals. It’s the best hour for deep thinking that you need to execute in your creative projects.

The Golden Hours

The value of life is fully extracted by discovering the potential of time and making wise use of it. If you pass by the golden hours sleeping, you are simply losing the opportunity to propel yourself towards strategic growth. The next level will demand more from you, so program yourself for greatness. If you keep waiting for the execution of your dreams: ‘For a while’, this phrase and phase will never end. 

You create your own value by managing your time effectively, because otherwise you'll waste it without being truly awakened to its presence and authority and here is where the casualty takes place. Don't let your life go by as an accident, show up always whether you feel like it or not. You will never be your best self always but still show up and do as much as you can. Don't just go around in circles, doing the same thing over and over again. Be hyper intentional with how and when you start your day. Out of bed straight to walk or exercise or work, do as you feel like and if you prefer to exercise around 7 AM so it be, Focus on your priorities instead, but be actively engaged in doing something meaningful to you is dominion in manifesting your reality.

4 Am – The Pilot Hour of Creators!

Don’t underestimate the power of consistency and desire. There is one irrefutable law of the universe: we are each responsible for our own life. It’s like opening a gym called resolutions. It will be exercise for the first two weeks and then it turns into a bar for the rest of the year. Remember, you can’t be devoted and distracted at the same time. Commitment leads to consistency.

The smell of possibility in the morning is very alluring. I personally prefer getting up at 4 AM rather than working till 2 AM because after a peaceful night sleep and the freshness of the morning hours, I happen to operate with more enthusiasm and focus.

The cut-and-dried monotony

A river flows through the huge rocks of obstacles and through the dirt thrown by other fellow passengers of life, peacefully in its complete glory fighting the external negative influences and yet retaining the source of purity; is a great example for us to look up to.

It starts so young that we fail to realize the impact of our surroundings on us and thus as a roller coaster ride, we need to learn to balance ourselves both internally and externally so that we can execute complete passion to our purpose. The cut-and-dried monotony will not help you succeed in life. Time is fair and equal opportunity employer; now it’s up to us to show our commitment and earn the rewards of the moment.

Dancing on the splinter of glass

The promise to perform in the future is a hollow promise if it is not backed by the small meaningful actions of the present time - The NOW. You need to be intoxicatingly insane while pursuing your dreams as if you are dancing on the stars while in reality you may be dancing on the splinter of glass. Grind now so later your dogs can have the backyard they deserve. Nothing comes from worrying or self-pity, keep showing up no matter how hard it feels. You have within you the power to overcome anything. You can be vulnerable and still be powerful. You can have a gentle heart, but still be rock solid at your core. You can be as calm as a breeze, but as fierce as a tiger. The best people embody both sides. Never let others dictate who you are. Get honest with people about who you are, what you want and how you expect to be treated. Standards only scare off people not meant for you. Maintain a balance between working hard and not giving up but at the same time giving adequate rest to your body and taking care of yourself which includes emotional, spiritual and mental health, because only when you take care of all such aspects of yourself can you truly set yourself for greatness. Be both the dreamer and the doer. It all starts within you; your internal world is the driver of your external behavior. 5 minutes is enough to view your whole life differently. So just imagine how much powerful a few extra hours will have on your life if you use them wisely. The wisdom of being annoyed at the loss of these beautiful golden hours can help you extract the wisdom of your inner power.