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Ratan Naval Tata - A Man of Character and Resilience.

Mr. Ratan Tata needs no introduction. He is a brand in himself. His art of being wise lies in acknowledging and honouring the simplicity of things. His elegance lies in his warm heartedness and empathy towards other living beings. Sophistication is another word for a culture practising manners and morals. The supreme excellence lies in the character and integrity acts as a measuring tool for it. The root of grace supports us if we walk in faith while performing our duties to the best of our abilities. 

All great souls whether its Mr. Ratan Tata or Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam share the same traits of honouring humanity at a core level and respecting people by acknowledging their presence. They don't let down others but at the same time elegantly manage to foster a positive impact. They build a team that frees you to fly, encourage simplicity of doing things, remove anything that is toxic to the growth- that pulls people from shining their true light, they encourage innovation and ideas. Creative thinking is a tool of enjoyment for them.

Ratan Tata has been effectively distinctive in the business world. His humbleness is visible in his workings. He is a mark of holiness. He is cherished for his gracefulness and poise. Reliability is his trade mark. He created a framework where new minds were encouraged and not ridiculed. He has built a structure on firm foundation of principles. He has built a legacy of fairness and justice and not of greed, power and control. He does not believe in being selfish or prideful, what keeps a person from wanting to help the other person. He believes in taking personal accountability as a yardstick of sincerity and responsible behaviour. He honours the power of community and not discrimination. Honesty and consistency in difficult times has earned him his credibility. 

He has revealed to us as a personal example that true wealth is not in monetary terms always. He has shown that true leaders invest in people, connect with people at deeper level and cherish unity, equality and individuality at the same time. We must ensure that we can follow his path and live a rich life like him of having a purpose bigger than ourselves.