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The Secret Ingredient You Need to Incorporate in Your Networking Strategy.

Whether we realise it or not but everything in life is in equation to a relationship. In broad sense, it can be classified as personal or professional. But if we look deeper, we can acknowledge that we have a special relationship with the various elements of the universe, which we often ignore or fail to see. We do have a relationship with our intuition as well, the better our understanding of it- the best we can hear it. Also, we have a relationship with our emotions like the feelings of fear, courage, anger etc. Once we learn to acknowledge them and have a transparent communication with each of our such relationships, the better we will learn that we have the potential to transform our lives significantly. 

Networking is basically having a connection with each such relationships at a level that is friendly and has a positive impact on our lives. Transparency is the magic wand of authentically building such connections. Its basically first connecting with oneself in a deeper way and second connecting with other beings in a profound way. In this process of networking whether with oneself or others, you will be required to execute courage and look at the shadow self of things. You also need to understand the vital factor that the kind of connection you have with yourself will determine your connection with others. The strength of your genuineness will help you enjoy and savour these special connections in a meaningful way. You don't need to judge yourself or others in the process, all you need to do is simply show up and be there for oneself and others. 

There is a story behind every face, every situation, every emotion that requires healing at a core level, which can be achieved only through recognition. Deep connections require depth of understanding which is built on the communication we have with ourselves and others. Networking means connecting with your deeper self in a loving manner and connecting with other like minded beings. Your destiny depends on your level of connection. Your internal and external dialogue holds the potential to affect your lives in ways unfathomed. Don't bother about the bully, be your own cheerleader first and then can you truly appreciate others, whether its other people, animals or various elements of nature and the universe. 

Our contacts influence our business relationships as well as our personal relationships. Isn't it wonderful to explore the mystery behind a face and situation to understand why people are the way they are. Misunderstandings develop due to illusions created around the communication and the lack thereof. You need to give yourself the permission to communicate what matters most to you, as it will open new pathways of possibilities. Remember, people like to engage where they feel loved and respected. The more sensitively you act towards others emotions, the healthier relationships you will develop. Whether its on social media or otherwise in a face to face meeting, the individual should feel acknowledged and there must prevail a sense of equality. When we appreciate their presence on social media by connecting in various ways, by liking, commenting or sharing, the individual feels connected and during face to face meets, one feels belonged only when they are welcomed in similar ways as others in an institution, or gathering, etc. where they are freely acknowledged. All these things appear to be small but have a huge impact on a person. There is a soul hidden in everything and to connect with it requires depth of understanding. 

You want to know the biggest competitive advantage in business? Leave people better than before you encountered them. We are all emotional beings and always cherish feeling good from our surroundings, whether personal or professional, and the best way is to interact with them in a loving way where they feel welcomed at a personal note. When we make others feel loved and respected we inturn feel better ourselves. Help people dream. Having a mutual bond of care and authenticity, being approachable, being coach-able, helps connect better. An example to understand better is to learn the difference between marketing and branding. Marketing is like asking someone out on a date. Branding is the reason they say "YES"

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