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Teslas Celebration of Failure- Master Stroke!

Tesla's new broken glass Cybertruck T-shirt is a celebration of failure Elon Musk style. From the vehicle's launch event that went anomalous where Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen threw metal balls at the Cybertruck's window onstage, instead of bouncing off these metal balls broke the windows. What would otherwise be felt as negatively impacting the company, Elon Musk used the moment as a classic piece for failure celebration. This in turn made the huge humiliating public failure turn into brilliant public relation development strategy. This is one of the best examples of turning failure into favour. What would otherwise be considered as leaving a negative mark on the company, is now actually earning the company goodwill. 

Isn't authenticity charming. The broken glass T-shirt has no text on it, just the broken window on the front and on the back, there is a partially filled triangle that is in shape of the Cybertruck, along with the word "Cybertruck". Tesla is using this glass-shattering saga carried through memes and internet jokes into merchandise sales. Now, this is what is called a great marketing move. Even if you want, you won't be able to forget "Cybertruck" or "Tesla" for that matter. 

Moreover, it truly connects people to the company as they feel at home and comfortable with understanding that not every failure has sad consequences. The transparency builds trust among public. Also, this strategy enhances the fact that embracing failure with an open heart and then working towards improvement is a sign of a great leader. Nothing can bring an individual down who has a positive approach to life. Also, the company is now cashing in on an unfortunate incident. This is a bold move taken by a courageous leader who adopts a beginners mindset, colours outside the box, falls and get backup, have fun, try new things, makes new friends. Elon Musk holds the power to restore and reverse the negative into positive which earns him and his company public trust and confidence.  

Pic Courtesy: Google