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Want To Build A Great Team? Never Be The Smartest Person In The Room.

Whenever we choose to surround ourselves with people who are better than us we sort of open the door of discovery. We start attracting better because our will to level up increases, we start learning more, we become more humble, we start listening more, we learn the value of time, we learn to leverage our energy in the right direction, we learn the power of meaningful communication, we start to address the issue in a realistic way along with a futuristic vision. In order to build relevant skills, friendships, knowledge, discipline, relationships, savings, investments, income streams, gratitude and perspective play a major role. 

The wise people offer grace to the people they come in contact with. The grace comes in the package of understanding, acknowledgement, recognition, appreciation, gratitude, friendship, etc. They understand the hurdles and advantages of growing and learning together with fellow beings. They accept others just the way they are and at the same time share the strengths and weaknesses of each other. They brainstorm together to resolve a dispute, welcome opposing views and extract the best out of it, they share and acknowledge each other and don't engage themselves in petty games of partiality, selfishness, preconceived prejudices, belittling others, or any sort of negative behaviour. They don't feel intimidated in recognising others no matter how hard it might feel at the moment, they accept to challenge their conditioned responses for self improvement. They appreciate individuality along with togetherness. 

When we surround ourselves with people who are smarter than us, we allow ourselves to come out of our comfort zone. There is a special confidence we feel when we take the road less travelled. It enforces our belief in our self. We start being open to various perspectives in life and welcome new ideas that prove to be a valuable contribution. We understand the fact that if the leader in any group setting is biased, we can't expect the team to play fair. When we surround ourselves with high quality people we intentionally raise the bar for our self improvement. The character is formed when we allow ourselves to address our fears, whatever they might be. 

A healthy approach is not limited only to our physical self, our surroundings and the people we choose to connect with either personally or professionally have a direct impact on our mental and emotional health. Therefore, its important to be realistic and choose the right people and organisation for oneself. When we feel accepted we automatically perform better. Surround yourself with people who can freely acknowledge you, who are proud to be seen with you in public, who truly love and respect your individuality, who are transparent in their approaches. A team whether as family members, or as sports team or any institutional members or as members of any group setting is only as strong as the individuals constituting it. No one has the answers to everything, no one knows it all but we all can always strive to be better as an individual, but its important here to keep in mind that as humans its natural that we need each others help to keep us motivated, encouraged and only the right people can give you the gift of acceptance. Only people who practice equality, ethics and morals can truly be unified. Only the right people will be able to go out of their way to be good to you. So its always a blessing to be a part of a team which helps you grow as an individual. We belong where we feel connected.