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The Rainbow Festival of Love and Wisdom!

Holi, the spring festival celebrated on the full-moon day as per the Hindu calendar in the month of Phalguna, which falls around March. The Chhoti Holi i.e Holika Dahan falls an evening before the Rangwali Holi. During Holika Dahan people come together and perform religious rituals and pray and also sing and dance in merriment in front of the bonfire. The next morning is the colourful morning where all young and old play delightfully with colours. Its a pleasurable time where family and friends also strangers are included in the celebrations of this festival of love by throwing coloured powders on each other, enjoying delicacies, music, food and drinks with lots of fun and laughter. 

This festival is a reflection of the divine unconditional love of Radha for Krishna. The Holika Dahan is the significance of unconditional faith of Prahlada (Hiranyakashipu's son) in Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took the Narasimha (Half Human and Half Lion) avatar to restore Dharma and to signify the victory of good over evil. There are many such beautiful stories associated with this festival of colours. 

Holi is the mark of a new start, of seasons changing, for many the start of a new year. It's basically start of a new spirit. 

Holi though being a Hindu festival is still cherished by and celebrated by non-Hindu's especially Newar Buddhists (Nepal), Sikhs, and the Mughals celebrated Holi too under the name Eid-e-gulabi or Aab-e-Pashi. Its a festival of unity in diversity.

The purpose that can be drawn from this festival is to enjoy each moment by being truly present, to cherish the beauty and grace of relationships by offering friendship and forgiveness, to believe in unconditional love and faith in the divine, to know that good always wins over evil if not immediately but definitely, to enjoy all colours of life, to be open to new beginnings, to celebrate spring, to acknowledge the fact that as seasons change so do we need to change with time, to enjoy the harvest of our hard work, to respect mother nature for all her blessings she has so freely bestowed upon us, to learn to laugh more, to celebrate the beauty and wisdom of all ages, to live vibrantly and finally to understand that a purpose driven life is not only honourable but also enjoyable at the same time. Its a harmony of colours, love and wisdom. Cherish it and Value it.