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Fitness Tips for Women While Working From Home!

Women have a formidable list of activities simply because of being a woman. Being tired is surmised to be weakness. Success however should not be confined to be result specific but on the contrary it should be a reflection of the best choices made. The will to stand up for oneself and others is not easy and requires immense courage to be executed but women’s legacy is of   comfortably handling the discomforts.

Sharing in this article what can be the best choices to stay fit for a woman, no matter whether you work from home or office. 

·     Eat a good breakfast and depend on healthy snacks to avoid the lifestyle diseases. Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient amount of water.

·     Since desk jobs are not generally manually intensive and more of sedentary in nature, it leads to back-breaking, muscle tension and strain, neck pains are quite common and such other kinds of problems, it is advisable to take short breaks and walk around for few minutes in between tasks.

·     Sneak some daily dose of workout every time you use your desk, e.g. do some chair squats by lowering into an inch of a chair pretending to be sitting down, hold it for around 20 seconds. Fidgeting is another way to keep your body in movement.

·     Maintain a proper posture while working, keeping your back straight. Sitting in correct posture does not only reveal confidence, it also has various health benefits as well. It helps to strengthen your core muscles, good for your spinal cord, helps tighten your tummy. 


·     Although it’s good to be consistent with the gym activities but even if you are unable to go to the gym for whatever reason, you can still practice some workouts at home before or after your days work such as abs workout, push-ups, squats and lunges, jump side twists, Russian twist, heel touchers, crunches, plank, side pulses, leg toning exercises, stretching etc. Also, if you have a little experience you can try zumba at home by switching on some music and it will turn out to be great fun. 

·     Deep breathing can be exercised anywhere irrespective of the place. Deep breathing helps in calming the tense muscles, helps in balancing heart rate and has great positive results.

·     Yoga and meditation are well known energy boosters. They increase flexibility, cleanse and nourish your inner self, etc basically an activity that provides wellness at core level.

·     Laughing exercise is interesting way of reducing stress and is always good to brighten you mood.

·   Walking regularly has great health benefits for people of all ages. It strengthens the heart, boosts the immune system, eases joint pain, etc.

Revolutionize your fitness regime and add some cheerful countenance to your personality.