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Can Technology Replace Teachers?

Technology can teach but how to be self aware is a teacher’s role. Teachers are wonderful souls who help their students become more, they help their students reach new heights which even the teachers themselves could not achieve, and this is pure brilliance which can never be compared. Greatness of living is sometimes so subtly hided, that in ordinary course we fail to even notice it. Technology can equip us with facts and information but teachers help build character. No doubt technology ignites speed and curiosity but leveraging soft skills to keep humanity intact is a teacher’s remarkable skill. Teacher’s attitude is of serving unconditionally to enhance the quality of life of their students with their pleasure lying in simply acknowledging that their students become good human beings and live happily and successfully.

Technology cannot edify morality. It cannot help us build courage and character. Technology can be customized but a teacher understands their student’s idiosyncrasies and helps them to magnify their strengths and tweak upon their weaknesses. Aplikasi Cari Jodoh di Indonesia Terbaik Gratis | Best Android Screen Recorder Apps Without Root

Regardless of augmented technology, the demand for teachers and mentors will always have an audience. Technology can impart and implement intelligence but not wisdom. How to live with honour and dignity inspite of the challenges thrown our way? How to respectfully convey your point of view in opposing environment? How to respect other individuals? How to stand up for a cause greater than yourself? Bridging differences and living gracefully cannot be taught through technology, it requires an experienced person’s wisdom. Success does not always mean facts and figures, monetary upgradation, etc. but it is much more than that. It requires character development, integrity, civility, humility, to be a true success.

Self-discovery is a process which is not technology based. It requires guidance and understanding. To think in the correct perspective requires the warmth and skill of an experienced teacher/mentor. The unique gifts and talents of each individual and the unique challenges each one face requires deeper reflections and the teacher knows best to articulate them. Every day is a new adventure in a teachers life, as they constantly ignite sparks in the minds and hearts of their students.

The way we usually look at it is that there are two worlds – the real world and the virtual world. Teachers give students the insights to understand that it requires a certain amount of generosity of spirit to trust people and to decide their merits and limitations fairly. It takes bravery and courage to live your dreams. Optimism, openness to possibilities and sheer self-confidence are certain traits that some people have more off than others. Nourishing your unique set of skills in an ever changing economy is a must, example; the unprecedented crisis of Covid has led to people exploring their talents to best handle the crisis. Even the best of technology could not give us advance notice of this unprecedented crisis. We are still exploring technology to equip us best to deal with this crisis. Hence, proved even technology requires the experience of an expert mentor.

Mentors and teachers are the creators of our heritage. They have given time and expertise sufficient to endorse enormous credibility to the future of humanity. They share the extraordinary ability to lead with humility, honesty and an unfailing focus on those whose voices are not yet being heard. They make the real difference by becoming a force for good in the world. Let us call them global leaders because of their individual and collective wisdom. They derive their strength from their independence and integrity. They freely follow paths they deem right. They support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is doubt or conflict and inspire hope where there is despair. Their agenda is all about education, inspiration and humanity. They are oligarchs of wisdom.

Technology provides a constantly evolving roster of activities that often makes us overlook the deeper significance of things. Teachers not only assist with academic achievements but also help us to understand NOT to downplay the other contributions people can make to society. Technology is an organized knowledge, teaching is an evolving art. One technology can suit all but one teaching pattern can never suit all. Teachers make sure that we don’t let technology disable our power to think, to imagine, to feel, to understand. Never let the curiosity to discover die. We don’t even realize how we have let technology consume every aspect of our life. We need not forget to enjoy the freedom to explore, the freedom to choose adventurous lifestyle, to notice the magic in the most humble places and to understand that learning is an always evolving piece of nature which no one can predict completely in advance. So being open minded is always welcome step and respecting the contributions of scholars and the wisdom they share is an art of thankfulness.