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Prison of Depression!

Depression is increasing massively at this time of Covid crisis. But nonetheless it was prevalent earlier too. Because of the stereotype in practice depression is an obvious result. Depression is common amongst women because of high expectations imposed upon them and because of domestic violence present in many cases across the globe. They are expected to take care of the household and at the same time earn by working. In a male dominated society, people don’t expect the male counterparts to act diligently when it comes to household work. Moreover, their professional work is given more importance than women. Also, women pay scale is lower in comparison to men. Depression, however, can be dealt with by being responsible.


The power of words is the easiest weapon to fight depression apart from medication. Kind words of compassion and understanding can counsel a person to revive their strength when someone is having a weak moment of blackness, hopelessness, loneliness, fear, etc. A human being can survive almost anything if they feel hopeful. So, it’s important for everyone to be alert to the needs of others. How can we inculcate an environment of thoughtfulness in society?


We should include in the school curriculum a training session to handle the distressing moments of life, to handle failures, loss of loved ones, financial crisis, and many other forms of crisis with courage so that suicides due to depression ends. There is a hidden world of pain which is extremely personal to the individual and rarely people feel comfortable letting others enter in their painful world, simply because of the fear of being judged, humiliated, fear of getting trolled, fear of false reputation, etc., and so as an easy hack they start projecting all is well when the truth is to the contrary.


Mental breakdowns have increased in today’s showbiz lifestyle. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain makes it harder to deal with it. So, if we all become thoughtful when we speak to others, in our behavior towards others, it will in turn make life easier for a struggling person without directly addressing their depressive disorder and the person starts to feel better instantly. This is the best way to save people from massive destruction and help serve humanity.


Depression is not simple sadness, it’s much deeper and takes time to recover completely as such cannot be dealt the same way. It takes nothing away from us if we lend our ear to listen to what others have to say or to be empathetic towards others and use graceful language while conversing. Some people don’t understand this. It’s easy to speak negatively, abusively but it’s difficult to take responsibility for one’s un-thoughtful acts.


To create an environment where people feel safe and loved is our moral responsibility. Add value to others life by providing strength and warmth of kindness. Don’t discourage people who are trying their best to make life better for themselves and others. It’s easy to create problems but requires courage to solve problems. Noble deeds not only save’s one person but in reality, they save an entire family. It’s important people reason with themselves when it comes to their treatment towards others. It’s realistic to understand that if we don’t wish pain upon ourselves, we should not inflict pain on others.


The depressed person usually gets blind for the moment in regard to from where the sun will rise again. They become inadequate to deal with themselves and need external support. It’s important to remember here that we all need help occasionally so that’s not something to make others feel less than. It’s hard to talk to someone who is so weak to understand your words at that time. Therefore, it’s important to execute patience while dealing. It will also require you to tactfully deal with their unhealthy reactions. Suicide is a misnomer. Nobody kills themselves; they simply get defeated by the anguish. When someone dies due to any illness or disease, others validate their struggle by acknowledging they fought well but somehow when it comes to depression people have a fixed belief that the person did not fight, which is not always true. Sometimes courage is not as visible as we are patterned to think. Physical diseases make others naturally sympathetic towards a person but when it comes to depression, people ignore their responsibility to be empathetic towards others. Society needs to accept the fact that everyone in life mess up themselves either mentally or emotionally at some time or other and it’s important to not judge others during such times. It’s our moral duty to be a pillar of strength for them.


We all face similar phases in life of sadness, loss, illness, dying and death but we all handle it differently. Some execute more courage than others. People who are low in their path of life are not weak permanently; they are just weak for the time-being. A small thoughtful behavior can turn a life around. Empathy is recognizing yourself in another person’s shoes and if we can do so we will be carriers of light and love. Women by nature are more empathetic towards others. Mutual cooperation amongst women will help raise awareness regarding downgrading of women unintentionally by society and in turn cause change for the better to take place. 


You don’t need to be someone’s friend to be good to them. If you see an unhappy or stressed person, reach out to them and provide healing and understanding. Also, make it a discipline to be in touch with your loved ones so that you may be able to notice the challenges their going through and that will enable you to be present in their time of need and help avoid mishaps. There is an immense potential in the power of connection.


Compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern can raise the dead into living. Sometimes we need to reflect back to people their beauty, power, strength and potential to recover. A small compliment has beautiful ripple effects on the heart that is struggling to beat to the beauty of its own drums. To feel intensely is to be truly alive and compassionate. Self absorption never lets us see the damage we cause others by pure ignorance and irresponsible behavior. The science of human relationship is built on our capacity of connection and our compassionate actions and thoughtfulness of spirit.