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Your Personal Brand Is One of Your Most Strategic Assets - Make It Work For You!

Personal branding can be said to be your corporate identity. So, what is personal branding? Well, it’s an activity that states the USP of the individual or the company, the purpose of the individual or company concerned, the actions taken to be visible and available to the public at large or your professional community, whatever it maybe.


Marketing will only be effective, if people trust the brand. Here, comes the role of leadership. We don’t always need high performance individuals, but we do need highly trustworthy individuals as leaders when it comes to long term associations and healthy relationships.


Branding is what people perceive about the individual or the company concerned. How do they feel about the connection? How they respond when they hear about the individual or the company? The key element in your progress is to earn trust and respect for yourself and your company and you can achieve that by applying some simple things, such as following: -


·   Define what you stand for.


· Build a digital portfolio. Be consistent and relevant in approach, as it showcases the abilities and is also a platform of self-expression which in turn gives you the opportunity to earn potential credits for yourself and your brand.


· Make yourself visible to the public. The more people know about you, the more potential to grow and learn exists. 


·   Having a name, a logo or website is not sufficient; if thoughtful leadership is not exercised. People usually like to associate with people and places where they are valued.


·   Create a culture of equality and transparency.


·  Take ownership of what you do. Be responsible and accountable. If biases take root in your associations, it will act as a termite and ruin the foundation of relationships you’ve developed, whether it’s with friends, customers, employees or other stakeholders.


·  Communication is the most powerful tool. Ignoring it is like digging a well for your own downfall. How you communicate and connect will decide how people perceive you. Start networking diligently.


·   Build real friendships and relationships. This is the backbone of your brand. A compelling personal brand is all about authentic relationships, where people can trust you as a leader and your brand as a source of meeting their needs. So, act with integrity. Life and business are all about mutual beneficial exchange. Honor others and in turn others will honor you.


·   Long term relations are not built in a day and thus require consistent daily efforts. Commitment is the name of the game. The integration of your personal ethics with your company, will define its long-term potential capabilities. Remember, your reputation is built on small details.  


· Your behavior and attitude acts as a sketch that outlines your personality as an individual or corporate leader or company. Remember, it’s not about the product or service but it’s all about the experience. Appreciate what you have before it’s too late. Gratitude opens the gateway of abundance. What you don’t acknowledge you eventually lose.


The art of mastering the dynamics of emotional intelligence will act as a magnet for goodwill and long-term sustainability. Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning, when it comes to how people are perceiving you and your brand. So, don’t take it as a personal attack but pay attention to where you are falling short and improve in that aspect for better results, because ignoring the unhappy customers is like letting go of a potential business opportunity. What you will earn is a negative review of you and your brand floating around.


Though, marketing is a process of communication through various verbal and non-verbal ways, and involves a skill-set or tactic to make the brand visible, admirable and irresistible for people to associate with, yet the root of integrity is what makes it a respectable association and leads to success. Example: Tata's - the name speaks for itself and requires no introduction.


Branding opportunities are usually disguised in small nameless moments which reveal your integrity and sense of purpose as an individual or a leader or company. Remember, a purpose driven life speaks for itself and needs no endorsements.