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My Reply to My Critics...

Be You, Do You!

Critics are people who don’t believe in you. So, you need to reply them from a place of confidence but not arrogance. As is commonly said, you can take the horse to the water but you can’t make him drink. In other words, you can’t wake a person who is pretending to sleep. Basically, you can’t convince someone to believe in you and what you have to offer, if they are committed to not understand.

Sometimes, the critics have a genuine concern, sometimes they can’t see your vision, and many times they operate from a place of jealousy, unhealthy competition, injustice, prejudices, etc. Your response needs to be based on understanding from which place are they operating.

Discernment unlocks the next move

If your critics have genuine concern, then you have an opportunity to make them understand your point of view, your take on the subject, your vision. However, if they can’t see your vision, you need to give them the space to be critical because everyone is not flexible to accept that change is constant. Give such people time and space for self-reflection and growth.

Whereas, in the case where people are operating from a place of personal insecurities, the best hack is to get distant, because these people are committed to sabotage you by either playing mind games, by practicing micro-aggressive behavior patterns, etc. Whether they do it intentionally or unintentionally doesn’t make a difference, because the result will be the same. You need to protect yourself from this unhealthy environment.

In order to grow and reach your full potential, you need to give yourself a nourishing environment, where people accept you for who you really are and simultaneously give you the opportunity to grow and expand yourself.

Power of Associations

Associations are extremely influential to your mindset. So, it’s important to be wise and associate yourself with high quality individuals who are self-assured to the point where they don’t feel the need to diminish others and their dreams, who share healthy mindset and are committed to personal growth.

The best reply to your critics is by setting a personal example. You don’t need to respond to all their critical words and acts, just be mature enough to walk away with confidence and continue doing what you believe in is the right thing to do. Remember, you teach others not just by words but by your actions too.

The best response

You don’t need to accept other people’s malice. You can raise your standards and say to yourself and others – I don’t accept your version of me, I will continue to be myself, and believe in my potential and work on my dreams, while improving myself each step of the way.” 

Self-assuredness is developed when you are confident about what you bring to the table. So, work on that and your critics will become silent as they see you grow without being affected by their petty mindset and their derogatory behavior. Even if they are not silenced, you will soon realize their opinion does not affect you at all.

The best solution to any problem lies not in blaming others but in taking the control of our lives in our own hands and finding solutions accordingly. You can’t change people but you can always change yourself. You can get distant and associate yourself with better people and places. Remember, people who want to stay petty and engross themselves in petty behaviors will not understand your outlook of wise behavior patterns.

Realize your worth

You need to realize your worth. You need to accept that you are valuable and hold great potential within; you need to believe in yourself. You are much more powerful than you can comprehend. So, radiate your uniqueness and let your true self shine. Don’t mask yourself behind insecurities like doubt, lack of confidence, fear, etc.

Nobody reached success without committing mistakes and errors, without making some poor choices, without deviating, without overcoming challenges and obstacles, without encountering numerous failures and criticism along the way. We need to give ourselves the acceptance of being human. Don’t focus on perfection, just thrive on improvement.

A confident person holds himself/herself accountable for their choices. They are open to accept healthy feedback and strive for improvement. They are confident to accept their mistakes and work towards correction. They know and understand the learner’s journey is not about never being wrong but they also know the difference between when people are being mean on purpose and when its seriously their mistake, and then they choose to respond accordingly. Bloom in difficult terrains.