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Gratitude though difficult, but more powerful!

Acknowledge and Appreciate

Gratitude is a flickering virtue because it requires you to acknowledge and appreciate whatever is good in your life and what is good in others and your surroundings. It’s tough because it sometimes means acknowledging your own weaknesses and appreciating others strength and flexibility. It’s easy to appreciate yourself but it’s very tough to appreciate others. It’s easy to notice the obstacles but tough to highlight the blessings because that needs you to accept the favor’s that life has done on you. But nonetheless, if we learn to count our blessings more than we count our troubles, we will see we are much more blessed than we truly realize and deserve.

The Nurturing Gift

Gratitude is like nurturing. It’s building upon the goodness, the blessings rather than constantly fighting obstacles or challenges or the lack of resources. Gratitude if practiced consistently will give you natural enthusiasm to live life to the fullest and also it will incline you to live with empathy and a thankful attitude. It will give you the wings to fly without getting trapped in the cage of arrogance.

Thank you is merely a greeting in case of gratitude

Thank you is merely a greeting in case of gratitude. To be truly grateful is to go beyond oneself and acknowledge the higher power that dwells behind everything natural and supernatural. However, thankfulness is a manner of inculcating the habit of appreciation on a daily basis, so it should be practiced diligently.

Humans assume that gratitude is something which is beyond the call of duty, so they practice it as per their convenience without realizing that gratitude is a powerful way of acknowledging the divine within and in others. No number of prayers is as powerful as a small act of real gratitude.

What makes you think you deserve more when in reality you are taking things and people for granted. What you don’t appreciate has a way of moving out from your life.

Power of acknowledgment

God does not want us to appreciate him by singing hymns and bhajans etc. because he wants to be flattered, instead he wants us to recognize our blessings and the gifts we take for granted. Once we learn what our true belongings are, we can appreciate life at a core level and live it purposefully for a cause greater than ourselves. Humility is a gift of gratitude. A strategic paradigm shift will help you look at life in a different way, necessary to outgrow the limited mindsets currently prevailing in the society.

In our life we usually get trapped into the mad race of achieving money, success, glamour, fame, etc. leading to stress, anxiety, discontentment, disappointment, etc. The best hack to resolve this cycle of disaster is to start a gratitude journal. Writing a gratitude journal makes us ponder on our blessings each day, giving us an opportunity to reflect on our blessings. This develops in us a sense of satisfaction, contentment and peace. It helps us be optimistic and happy for what we do have and grateful for all the problems and sufferings we do not have. It helps us understand that why things happen the way they happen. This expands our consciousness and helps us learn the depth of life and all its beings. We are able to see beyond ourselves and acknowledge others strength and wisdom. We learn the real meaning of integrity. We learn self-acceptance. The journey of our personal growth starts when we meditate on the right things. We move beyond the illusionary chaos and move towards enlightenment. We can also understand that life is a gift given by God to live for a purpose greater than ourselves. It’s a tool to remember that your greatest power lies within you and is nothing external. You can transform your life by transforming your inner world.

Sharing with others what we value most and what we are truly grateful for, helps others to take notice of why it’s so important to practice morals and values, why it’s important to live with integrity, why it’s vital to stand firm on the ground of principles rather than getting swayed in the fashion statement of self-centeredness. Moreover, it’s important to understand here that you cannot steal other individual’s blessings by being mean towards them, it only opens the way for your favor to turn into learning lessons. You lose the golden opportunity to earn the blessings and favor on your life. What we sow is what we reap. Hence, practicing ethical behavior is more than what meets the eye. Gratitude is not a work of speech; it’s much more than that. Analyze the above with depth of character and have resilience and courage in the process. You are more powerful than you realize when it comes to changing yourself for the better.

Tata Group expresses gratitude by appreciating and honouring the contribution of its employees who lost their lives due to the Covid 19 pandemic by taking care of their families in such time of loss. Tata Motors is one of the biggest employers in the automotive sector in India. It is one of the few companies to have rolled out an employee-centric COVID-19 financial benefit scheme for the families of the deceased. Regardless of the employee passing away due to COVID-19 or not the family of the decreased gets a one-time payment of 20 months' basic salary and a monthly allowance of 50 percent of basic till the superannuation date of the employee.Tata Motors has lost 47 employees till MAY 19, 2021 since the start of the pandemic last year.

Other great examples are that common people have been paying their house-helps irrespective of their absence due to Covid lockdowns or ill health. It’s an opportunity to serve people who once served us. Also, many business houses and other organisations have been paying full or partial salaries to their employees during the lockdown phase. All these are reflections of a grateful attitude.

Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood; who has been in limelight for his philanthropy during this Covid 19 pandemic. He has been providing food, groceries, and other essential stuff to various families affected by this cruel wave. He has also arranged transportation for migrants, college students stuck in foreign land, he has also been arranging oxygen and bed for Covid patients. There are numerous examples of his generosity. The best part is he has influenced others in the process and as a result various people have started making contributions towards Sonu Sood Foundation. People have also taken initiative to help the needy through other means. Those who received his contributions have acknowledged his spirit with thankfulness and gratitude by promising that they will try to help others in future as a chain to carry on the good deeds. It’s important to note here that no good deed ever goes waste, instead it creates ripple effects of greatness which cannot go unnoticed. This is the power of gratitude, to give back to humanity for all the right reasons.

Going out of the way to be helpful, is often considered as making decisions emotionally and not rationally, something that goes beyond the call of duty. However, being of service towards others is a reflection of understanding the purpose that you have been blessed so that you can be a blessing towards others.

Meet tree woman of Pir Panjal who planted 4,000 trees during corona year.  48-year-old, Rani Mughal, an associate professor of Botany in Government Degree College, Poonch, chose to spend her free time planting trees. From one sapling to 4000 trees of different variety, spread over 2.5 hectares of land which is now home to several birds, is an inspiration to many people. Every morning with a shovel in one hand and sapling in other, Rani Mughal, treks three miles to reach Sheen Dharra area in the border belt of Poonch, with only one intention of carving green lung out of a barren patch of land. The Covid crisis has highlighted the fact that we humans use the gifts offered by mother earth recklessly and should now show gratitude to mother Earth. It’s time we learn to value what is truly valuable and not fall for cutting down of forests to meet our greed. 

Never underestimate the power of small good deeds practiced consistently. Gratitude when practiced diligently holds the potential to change lives of not only the practitioner but also the beneficiary. It also acts as an inspiration to many others. The best honour to achieve in life is to earn a special significant place in the hearts of people. This can only be achieved by goodness, generosity, civility, justice, integrity with other sound principles and values and not by choosing shallow words and actions.