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The Mindset Game!

Habits of People with Remarkable Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness has always been an essential skill to learn and Covid has even more highlighted the importance of mental toughness. Mental toughness is the inner ability to endure the process to achieve greatness. To withstand any temptations, you need to be brave and courageous to say “No” to all the distractions. Easier said than done. But if you have the guts to stay determined you will always win.

Overcoming fear is the no. one quality that needs to be developed. Everyone fears something, but you don’t need to let it rule you. Take steps to overcome it strategically. This will give you wings of freedom to leverage your best self. Another hurdle that creates trouble is that people are often confined and limited by their past. Never let your past make you believe you can’t have a bright future, whether it relates to your personal life or professional life, you can any minute change it for the better. An individual is not always completely aware of his/her potential. They need to be made aware of their hidden treasures by giving them an environment of nourishment and freedom to experiment. This will in turn illuminate their hidden qualities and talents. 

Grit Rules

Adversity and Failures are part of life. You simply can’t avoid them. But let grit rule the season of weaknesses and you’ll see what you are truly capable of. You’ll discover your true self in this process. You will realize just how brave and resilient you are. Failure doesn’t mean you are not good enough, or you lost your opportunity of a bright future. Instead, failure has many meanings, sometimes it means as simple as to try again. Another time, it could mean redirection to something far better. Other times, it could mean work harder and deeper into the concerned project to know and understand the hidden aspects. Sometimes, it simply means you have been cheated on purpose because of the existing biases prevailing in the system. What truly matters is you understand the truth behind failure and navigate your way out of it.

Just as we train our physical body while exercising, similarly we need to train our mind to endure the tough process of being resilient. Self-belief and creative problem-solving skills are the working equipment’s of a truly resilient individual.

Believe in Yourself!

Confidence comes when you know “what” you are doing and “why” you are doing it. Clarity is a super power. Remember, you need to realize the difference between where you have control and where you can’t control and then put your time and energy only on things you can control like your efforts, discipline, time management, etc. There is no point procrastinating by focusing on things outside your control like weather conditions, economy, etc. Be mentally flexible to give yourself the gift of acceptance. Accepting the reality for what it is will help you leverage your energy and resources on areas where you can truly make a difference.

Assumptions act as termites whether it’s in relations or goals. You need to allow yourself to question. The more you question, the better you understand. Have the courage to ask even the silliest of question, this will prevent you from being a lifetime fool.

Mentally strong people don’t take rejections personally. Because they understand that they can’t be for everyone, but they are definitely for someone. Mentally strong people have a trait to connect with like-minded people. People who can help them shine their true light and also help them learn and grow in the process. They don’t entertain negative, small thinking, and narcissist’s traits and distance themselves from such people who pull them back.

Embracing Uncertainty

Mentally tough people are hard to break simply because they know life is not a bed of roses and to achieve greatness, you need to endure the process and develop and improve yourself to handle the greatness when you receive it.

Gratification does not attract them. Short term sacrifices for long term gains are their motto. They make themselves available to learn and grow on a constant basis. Creativity is their entertainment.

Risk taking is part of their lifestyle, for they know life can’t offer them the best it has from the place of their comfort zones. They understand what it means to say “YES” to a life that others don’t understand. They have the power to stand alone for something they truly believe in. They don’t get swayed by the masses, instead they are the game changers who are initially exiled and not accepted by the societal conditioning. Their satisfaction lies in the efforts they have put in executing on their vision.

Their vocabulary has no place for dis-empowering words like “I can’t” or “I wish I was able to”. Stephen Hawking is a real-life example of mental toughness.

You have to be clear on what’s the “WHY” behind everything you do.