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Crisis Leadership Skills!

Being of value when it truly matters!


As is rightly believed that a person’s true character is revealed in times of hardship. Same is with leadership; you need to lead yourself the right way when it matters most. Set an example of integrity and endure the process honestly. This will earn you credibility and trust beyond what is visible. Your influence will expand exponentially, thus leading to desired results.

 A Leader’s Journey

The journey of life is a roller coaster ride with personal set of gains and losses for each one of us, but the difference lies in how we navigate through these ups and down’s equilibrium. The time zones may vary but we all go through such rise and fall matrix without exception. So, it’s wise to equip ourselves with the skills necessary to handle crisis.

Some beneficial tips to better handle any sort of crisis are as follows:


  • Adaptability

Well, we all love if life goes our way but the fact is, it does not and what is the most distinguishing factor among individuals is their capacity to accept, adopt and make a way out of the un-prepared scenarios. No matter how much we prepare for the worst, some things surprisingly visit us and we have no choice but to accept that with grace and find our way out of the difficult situations. When we accept whole heartedly, we enable ourselves to look for solutions and birth great flexibility in the process. Flexibility enhances the quality of our life and helps us grow with ease.


  • Perspective

When we are open enough to explore various outlooks and perspectives of looking at the same thing, this multi-dimensional tool will help us greatly in navigating our way out of any crisis. It helps us get along with diverse teams and members and value add their experience and ideas that ultimately result in solving major problems. Perspective is the most powerful tool in recognizing opportunities for growth and expansion especially while dealing with crisis.


  • Relationship Management

Whether it’s our personal life or professional life, relationships are the heart and soul of everything great. The success of any institution largely depends on the health of its relationships. If you develop strong relationship bonds it builds trust and loyalty which are the most rewarding factors and the backbone of the existence of that institution whether personal or professional. Friendly yet assertive manner of handling different relationships is more important during crisis. Developing self-control and nurturing soft skills will equip you to better handle any sort of relationship. 


  • Communication

Communication should be thoughtful, clear, concise, and in a timely manner during times of crisis. People should not feel forced and helpless in the dealings. Moreover, respectful and dignified way of communication is always welcome. Patience and thoughtful words should especially be used while having difficult conversations where uneasy facts are shared like information regarding job loss, bankruptcy, etc. Communication is the vital parameter to hold relationships especially long-term relationships.


  • Creativity

Creativity is sparked in an atmosphere of open mindedness. An inclusive environment where everybody can utilize their talents and collectively contribute to solve problems, is a skill of a well composed leader. When you give others the opportunity to contribute their ideas on the table that’s when you’ll receive their full participation and cooperation. When you value the individuals in your team and include them and what they have to offer, that’s when you can develop and retain their interest. Also, you will see them going out of their ways to help you and your organization. The ultimate power lies in the hands of the individuals. It takes more than talent to earn goodwill.


Being open minded can birth opportunities that your rigid self was unable to comprehend. Practicing the simple yet effective parameters of civility can prove to bring remarkable transformations.  The choice between what’s convenient and what’s right… That’s integrity! Remember, brands are celebrated in minds, whether its brand image of an individual or company concern.

This reminds me of the Japanese proverb “Nana korobi, ya oki” which means “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” It means choosing to never give up hope, and to always strive for more. It means that your focus isn’t on the reality in front of you, but on a greater vision that may not be a reality yet. So, celebrate standing up again.