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How to challenge the status quo?

Disrupting the established patterns

Change is an indefinite series of events, yet some are done on purpose while other happen naturally. Traditional thinkers mind is paralyzed, it’s not flexible. “Average” people have always resented change. A lot of “status-quoers” still insist that man has no business in space.

Nothing grows in ice.

Nothing grows in ice. If we let tradition freeze our minds, new ideas can’t sprout. Adding value may many times disrupt the prevalent system creating temporary chaos. Don’t be afraid to lead the change. Moving into unchartered territories often lead to beautiful destinations. Human history has evolved through transformation. If people from past would have resented change, then such transformation could not have taken place and we would still be living a nomadic life.


Approaches to challenge the status quo:


·       Ask the Right Questions.


Identify “WHY” something needs to be changed or improved. Let people take their time in answering, and listen carefully – their answers may lead to further questions, problems or solutions that you hadn’t considered.


·       Prioritize Your Ideas.


It’s important to pick your battles wisely; rattling off new ideas every day will see people start to tune out, and your best ideas may get lost among the lesser ones. For maximum impact, pick the ones that are most relevant and likely to succeed.


·       Perfect Your Pitch.


Keep your pitch short and snappy, and leave plenty of room for discussion and questions. Time is a crucial factor; be sure to choose the right moment, too.


·       Gather Allies by inviting all perspectives.


If you’re planning to challenge long-standing attitudes or processes, it can help to have people on your side! And the more ingrained the status quo that you are trying to disrupt, the more and stronger allies you may need.


Be open minded, multiple perspectives can help creativity blossom. You won’t be the only person in the office with ideas, and you might inspire others to speak up with theirs! Sow the seeds, and encourage others to think creatively and positively, too. This way, you’ll gather allies who can support you if you meet resistance, either face-on or behind your back.


·       Keep Calm and Persevere.


If you don’t succeed straight away, don’t let exhaustion, anger or stress get the best of you, and don’t let hurdles or failures get you down. Learn from the experience and focus on turning negative emotions around. Some ideas can take a while to come to fruition. Change is not easily accepted. Moreover, transformation of fixed mindset to that of a flexible one, is more than what appears prima facie. Endure the process. Be ready to help the change.


·       Ignore the bullies.


Get big results by believing big. Example: look towards the person advancing forward. When she/he believes they can handle big, difficult assignments. Everything she/he does, the way she/he handles oneself with people, his/her character, his/her thoughts, his/her vision, the way she/he carries themselves, the way she/he communicates ideas across, everything about him/her; all say, “Here is a professional. He/She is an important person.”

The Truth Bomb

Disrupting the status-quo needs resilience and a belief in something bigger than yourself. There should be a cause that makes you believe you can conquer the impossible. You can achieve greatness. You can leverage on the potential to make people’s life better and that too for all the right reasons. Don’t succumb to distractions thrown at you by small-minded people. Rise above it and achieve the impossible.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”

-        Walt Disney


Remember, dreamers define their own reality and you have within you the power to stand up for something you believe in, even if initially you need to stand alone. People often start joining you when they see visible results, which often takes time to bloom. So, it’s important that you have the confidence to believe in yourself even when others don’t believe in you. Trust yourself and let the magic unfold for all to see.