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Raise Your Standards to Upgrade Your Life!

Parameters of Self-Care

When we talk about standards, we are basically referring to the parameters we are operating upon, whether it concerns our personal life or professional life. In order to improve the quality of our life, we need to reflect from where we are operating in life. Set high standards for yourself and you will live a truly rich life. Expect quality to rule, rather than quantity.

Being poor does not mean lack of financial status, poor is a mindset that you choose to operate from. There are obstacles to overcome but if you have the right attitude, courage and patience, you can achieve greatness.

Your values determine your standards. Which value you choose on to act from is the standard you set for yourself. To operate from a place of high values and principles won$t be easy, it will often lead you to single handedly fight for what you believe in. You will be excluded often for what you bring to the table. Nonetheless, if you have the courage to stand alone, you will be the true winner from start till end, because you fought with integrity and purpose.

Key areas of life where you can raise your standards are:

        Health: As it is rightly said- "Health is Wealth". Without having a healthy body, you cannot perform your best. Don$t be your own enemy. You need to keep your physical, mental and emotional self, healthy and fit. Calm is a super power. To work from a place of peace your mental health has to be prioritized. You need to balance your emotions to make wise decisions. You need to have proper nutrition and exercise regularly to keep you active physically and make you feel good about yourself.

        Finances: To give yourself the gift of financial freedom, you first have to learn to understand and manage numbers, meaning you need to learn to make money not just while you work but also while you are resting. Learn to understand how market works, where to invest and where not to invest, spend wisely and learn to manage money. Don$t waste money on the lure to have a specific thing, even if you don$t truly need it. To waste money on show off, will eventually drain your finances and prevent you from earning the rewards of wise investments. There is always a new and upgraded version of thing$s thronging the market, which does not necessarily make the old product useless for you, learn to operate from a place of satisfaction and need and not show off. Don$t blame others for your poor choices. It you neglect and are ungrateful for what you currently have, you will eventually lose whatever you take for granted.

         Relationships: Whether it$s our personal life or professional life, its relationships that hold it together and eventually make it a successful association. Surround yourself with people who are morally strong and follow strong work ethics. This will help you raise your bar to do and expect quality. Also prevent yourself from energy vampires, people who practice micro aggressive behaviors. People who possess narcissist traits, who are not open enough to acknowledge you and what you stand for, who are unable to appreciate your contributions, who are simply jealous and mean on purpose. People who play mind games are more harmful for you then your enemies who are openly against you. Remember, you are simply the product of your surroundings. Choose the best and you will be the best. Also, never take your relationships for granted, give them the attention they deserve, value good people in your life, acknowledge and appreciate their contribution towards you. Take care of them. Respect them for their individuality. Build a strong foundation for long-lasting relationships.

        Self-discipline: Self-discipline makes you aware of the efforts required to achieve greatness. Self-discipline helps in building character. You stop depending on other people. Consistently practicing discipline will help you achieve massive results in short span of time. Your standards will naturally increase as a result of expecting more from yourself. Avoiding the temptations and distractions and gratification help you focus on what truly matters i.e. on your goals and dreams. You recognize your strengths and also get an opportunity to work on your weaknesses.

        Attitude: Having a positive attitude enables you to find the sweet spot in the worst of circumstances. Also, it keeps you humble and willing to be a lifelong learner. The right attitude keeps you open to accept different perspectives. It helps you be empathetic and grateful in life. A healthy mindset never resorts to inferior ways of doing things. Poor choices are merely a reflection of insecurities and fear. An individual with a healthy mindset does not fear imperfection and also does not fear to accept mistakes and correct them. However, they choose to be graceful in their dealings. Destructive thought patterns will never let you escape your limited beliefs. Depression, stress, anxiety, fear, etc. are all results of destructive thinking patterns. When you think small and don$t believe in yourself, you lose the opportunities to use your capabilities and you never learn about your incredible hidden potential. I don$t mean you be egomaniac; all I want you is to have self-confidence to be your true self. Do what you truly believe in, be authentic, approachable and teachable in the process. Let your words meet your actions.

Raising your standards mean breaking out of your confinements which don$t let you grow and be the best version of yourself, whether it means distancing from certain people, places or things, doesn$t matter, what matters is you give yourself the right environment which accepts your greatness and give you the wings to fly high and guides you to achieve more in life. The right environment builds you and not breaks you. Expose yourself to quality people, places and things and you$ll learn the true meaning of self-love.