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The Physics of The Quest!

The Physics of The Quest!

By- Aditi Maheshwari 


Human tendency is to always look out for and search for something more. Our non-satisfaction constantly makes us seek validation. And in order to seek this validation, we get trapped into the materialistic world and associations. Have we ever taken a moment to understand ourselves better? Are we truly honest with ourselves or is it so that our desires are based on other people’s expectations from us? We may not like to admit this fact that we are engaging ourselves constantly in the game of proving our worth. Is it so difficult for us to just be ourselves without consistently putting on a mask just to fit in? Why is it that we are afraid to be ourselves? Is it because we fear what we may discover?

Maybe there are some parts of us that we don’t like, but what is that makes it so difficult for us to accept and change for the better? Are we living in the illusion that we are perfect individuals? Why do we let our ego come in the way of making necessary and healthy changes? Everyone talks about being humble but when it comes to changing ourselves, we choose to act on the basis of our inflated ego. Well, it’s a fact that we feel ashamed to accept our mistakes, it sometimes feels humiliating too, but once you do accept them, they lose the negative power on your life, and you become a higher version of yourself. You instantly earn respect, not just in your own eyes but others also start viewing you respectfully. All this is because of the honesty and courage that you executed. Isn’t this a mark of honour? Playing petty games in order to hide the inconvenient truths about yourself does not make you a better person. Moreso, it downgrades you; it shows how weak you are in reality, and how incapable you are to accept that you are not perfect. Your insecurities start speaking louder when you employ all your sacred energy into petty acts and shallow doings. This thereby, restricts you from achieving greatness.

To appreciate yourself and others you need to be stable and confident from within. A strong person does not act with prejudices or biases; instead, they are more accepting and grounded in real sense. Whatever you do to get validation from others simply reflects your need to recognise yourself deeper. When you feel less than, lost, confused, broken, that’s when you should conduct an interview with yourself. You should ask yourself some difficult questions but remember to answer them honestly. You don’t need to express yourself publicly, this exercise should be done in silence so that you can hear your inner voice clearly.

Many times, in life we feel the need to rewind, or fast forward, or simply escape certain experiences because we are not happy and satisfied with them and our present moment. Something within us wants something different or something more. We feel the urge to explore our options or maybe we want to let go of our past baggage’s that we have been holding on for way too long. Maybe something within us died and we find ourselves searching for the meaning in life. This naturally brings us on the journey to better understand ourselves, to understand the principles of Cosmos and how our human tendencies block us from elevating ourselves into higher dimension.

Everyone talks about stepping out of the comfort zones in case of physical activities but what about implementing the same concept in our internal world. We need to face some discomfort in order to heal the wounds which are not physical in nature but restricts us from opening ourselves completely to life and whatever it has to offer. Healing is directly related to our ability to forgive. Forgive yourself and others but having said that don’t repeat the same mistakes. Change for the better. Truth seeking journey is not a comfortable ride. There are lots of ups and downs. We must forgive people who are not even sorry for what they did to us. We also need to forgive ourselves for some big mistakes or sins we have committed.  This will not be easy because we can never forget such experiences. The hardest part being accepting of ourselves for what we are and feeling good about ourselves in spite of the numerous sins we might have committed.

Release yourself from whatever is holding you from being the best version of yourself. Release anything that does not resonate with you- your true self. This does not mean to escape from taking responsibility for your current problems. But this signifies that you should move towards what aligns with your core self- the true YOU! What I want you to understand is that give yourself permission to explore yourself, your true being before you start defining yourself.

A person only feels satisfied when living in harmony. Your inner world shapes your external world. Why live small when you are meant to live big? Feel your emotions, address them instead of covering them. When you’ll look deeply into your emotions, they have a message that you need to hear. A valuable message which when interpreted correctly along with the necessary action steps have the power to transform your life completely.

You need to be present for yourself in the same way you are present for others. Value others and take care of them but don’t forget yourself in the process, this does not suggest being selfish in any regard. Embrace self-love not selfish love. When you notice, you’ll get all the answers you are looking for. However, regard all circumstances and people that come along the way as your teacher.

Some easy steps that will help you on this journey are as follows: observe nature, practice silence, practice gratitude not in silence but through verbal or written communication or through actions, start journaling your thoughts, emotions and actions, respect other cultures and other people’s experiences, etc. There is no defining age in case of the physics of the quest. Remember, you are more than the restrictions you have imposed upon yourself. Concluding on the note- “Find Your Truth!”.