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Ways to Demonstrate Competence!

Ways to Demonstrate Competence!

By- Aditi Maheshwari

When it comes to business how people perceive us is an important issue. This includes all the vital factors that influence how others assess our level of competence, intelligence and worthiness. If we truly want to be effective in any way, first and foremost is to build trust. Hospitality is the key to an enriching experience. The ways we interact with others is not always verbal and includes our behavioral patterns, which reflects the level of our authenticity and integrity which together marks the difference. Creating a powerful impression of competence may feel daunting but if we follow some principles regularly its easy than it appears.

You may be hard working, intelligent, grounded and yet go unnoticed. This brings us to the first principle which is realization. Realize the fact that preconceived competence about an individual changes the entire game. It’s important that you introduce yourself to the world, which means let the world know about your skills and if nobody offers you the platform to showcase your work build one yourself. You owe it to yourself to create a place for yourself in a world that is constantly trying to define you or confine you. You need to understand the importance of your presence and then take charge of it. Keep in mind though, that failure is simply a stepping stone on the road to success. Let nothing hold you back from becoming what you know in your heart you are meant to be.

Now we come to taking steps that help people believe in our abilities.

1)     Confidence: You need to believe in yourself before the world [AM1] believes in you. Trust yourself that you will survive whatever it is that comes your way. It may not be easy but will be worth the effort. To build confidence within yourself you can put your time and energy in being prepared for what you are heading towards. Also, keep yourself open for some surprises along the way and remember not all surprises will be good.


2)     The Psychological Choice: People don’t always choose what they love most, they usually make a comfortable choice of choosing what they fear least, irrespective of the fact whether its in their best interest or not. So, when you deal with people notice from which place, they are operating and deal accordingly.


3)     The Confirmation Bias: People usually ignore new information that contradicts their existing beliefs about a person or thing. So, you need to display your competence in a way that forces them to view you differently. Earn goodwill. The stereotype human tendency is to confirm low expectations, weaknesses and shortcomings and be quiet about merits, wins, and other positive qualities about a person or thing. Being too modest about your achievements makes you a soft target. So, avoid the mistake of accepting less than you deserve.


4)     Communication: Everyday interaction builds or breaks trust. Any sort of biases, prejudices, arrogance, or meanness destroys faith and trust in you. To articulate your thoughts correctly is not always easy especially when you have to deliver something negative or bad. Be cautious in your approach. Remember, the ‘halo effect’. Don’t fall in the trap of assumptions, speak from a place of facts (duly confirmed). Keep in mind, once you have said something, it cannot be taken back, it can only be forgiven and not forgotten. Your dignity and grace are in your control. Communication is a tool that either makes a relationship strong or breaks it for good, so never take it lightly.


5)     Be a Problem-Solver: When you provide answers or possibilities with a new perspective that provides solutions and new direction, people automatically start valuing your opinion for what you bring to the table. An open mind is not always welcomed as it challenges the stereotype, yet its usually hard to ignore them at the same time. Courage to do what is needed wins the day. Persistence is needed because things don’t always happen instantly or as planned.   


6)     Power Talk: Words can influence the mind into successes or failures. Speak in a way that reflects your leadership qualities. Where people start believing in you, they feel confident by abiding in you. Invest in your soft skills, it will reap great rewards. Powerless talks only earn disrespect and distrust. Here, integrity plays a great role. Keep your word, stand by it and walk out of any thing that makes you compromise your values, self-respect and dignity. When you speak powerfully from a place of knowledge, you are not only deemed confident but people view you as their best choice. Sound self-assured by avoiding stammering, hesitations, correcting, or repeating yourself or being doubtful.


7)     Status-generalization: Opinions of individuals with high professional status are valued even in discussions not relating to their field of expertise. Our status in society and not just work influences the way people see us. Whether we like to accept it or not we cannot escape such underlying biases. It should also be noted here that the so-called high-status individuals are not always at the beneficial end, sometimes despite the competence and high potential, honesty and hard-work - they lose because people perceive them overly blessed or out of jealousy pull them back and they don’t get what they deserve. So, these prejudices are hurting all people in society and not just a specific category.


8)     Appearance: How you present yourself to the world plays a great role. Clothes influence presentation greatly. What we wear should not just be comfortable but must suit the occasion too. Clothes need not be expensive but they should be neat, clean and ironed. Dress not according to the person you are but according to the person you want to become. Proper clothing will enhance your confidence and peoples outlook about you too.


9)     Transparency: Twisting the truth, manipulating whether that$s by hiding bad news or exaggerating our successes, etc. makes us internally weaker or overly conscious. We may not always realise but everything is energy and if you are weak on the inside, that weakness seeps out and is experienced by others. A confident person who truly believes in himself never plays petty games. These days we rarely find people who have the courage to be true and speak even the most difficult message with honesty, strength and grace.


At the end, I will just like to say that people’s grooming affect their perceptions and we need to give them the grace to grow at their own pace even when it hurts us in the process. Be patient, be kind and act with courage and integrity. Other people not believing in you doesn’t mean you are not worth it; it simply means they are not the right ones for you. True Competence always has that underlying grace to believe in themselves even in the face of neglect, prejudices, obstacles or failures. To stand firm in their values and continue moving on inspite of the challenges.