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Minister of Coffee- A Treat in Governance!

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages. The most preferred by hard-working individuals.  It is interesting to know that the government of New Guinea has recently appointed a minister for coffee. This shows the importance of coffee for its monetary value along with its rejuvenating element. This unique post brings a smile on the face of all coffee lovers and also shows the commitment of the Papua New Guinean government to expand its agriculture industries.

The unique posts –the first - Minister of Coffee and Minister of Palm Oil, similar to some unique ministries around the world to awaken awareness and regularise the system concerning the particular fields like Minister of Loneliness, Ministry of Yoga, Minister of Toilets, etc. these are interesting and purposeful as well. Coffee being one of the favourite beverages globally shall have a greater impact and this shall motivate other countries too to create similar interesting posts, which serve a purpose plus make people feel exhilarated.

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