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The Importance of Storytelling and Shared Cup of Coffee/ Tea!!

Is it just refreshing to have coffee/tea?

Taking tea/coffee breaks during your working hours is not just for refreshment, it also holds the potential for something great. Learn to leverage that experience for personal development and building greater bond of understanding with fellow colleagues and staff members. This will not only build goodwill and trust but will also equip you with knowledge from other people’s experiences and culture.

The cup that cheers everyone up, can spark the start of a great conversation, friendship and long-term relationships. Moreover, a listening ear is always welcome. In today’s chaotic lifestyle, where everyone is engaged in the profit-making matrix, people often go unnoticed and ignored, thus resulting in a void in the individual, which makes them feel unappreciated and isolated at a personal level. A shared cup of tea/ coffee excites them and enables them to share their heart out, making them feel belonged and also births excitement to perform better. Loyalty is the result of trust.

The golden cup of other people’s experiences!

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