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Decoding the marigold- More than a festive season accessory!

"Marigold" the name comes from Mother Mary as it symbolizes auspiciousness - "Mary’s gold". The original name for marigold is Tagetes and it gets its name from the Etruscan God "Tages"- The God of Wisdom.  Hindu ceremonies make extensive use of marigold in various forms to honor God and Goddesses. The saffron/orange colour signifies renunciation and hence is offered to God as a symbol of respect and surrender. Garlands are offered to honor God & Goddesses. Marigold is offered along with other pleasant-smelling flowers, as it performs the function of keeping pests from coming near the image/idol that is being worshipped. Marigold also offers protection from other negative influences. The scent the flower exudes repels harmful insects. When family gravestones are strewn with Marigold it protects from negative ascendancy. October’s birthday flower, the vibrant marigold has been prized for both its beauty and versatility.

October’s birthday flower

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