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Chocolate: The poor mans champagne!

Music is the chocolate for the heart. It seems chocolate brings good luck. If given enough chocolate & coffee, I could rule the world. Ha ha... Chocolate is like my best friend and the most intense pleasure at the same time, perhaps not the most intense, but the most regular & reliable one. It's a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits. Life without books, chocolate and coffee is just useless.    

                            Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolate. Chocolate remedies adversity. Chocolate symbolises, as does no other food, luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification and love. May your life be filled, as mine has been, with love & laughter; and remember, when things are rough all you need is... Chocolate. Never be more than two steps away from chocolate! Your hand & mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain. Chocolate in both hands is a balanced diet. Ha ha... Chocolate, dark or light.. makes me smile bright. Flowers & champagne may set the stage, but it's chocolate that steal's the show. Remember that while money talks, chocolate sings! It doesn't make the world go round, but it sure does make the trip worthwhile! A little too much chocolate is just about right. Chocolate is the Answer. Who cares what the Question is? When no one understands you, chocolate is there. If chocolate was a sound, it would have been Lata Mangeshkar's voice and if singing was a colour, it would have been the colour of that chocolate. Anything is good if it's made of chocolate. Chocolate is the consuming passion.