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The Beauty Of The Blue Dragon River.

The official name of this river is Odeleite River, in original language it sounds like Ribeira de Odeleite. It's located in the municipality of Castro Marim, Algarve, in Portugal, near the border of Spain. It originates in the mountains of the Serra de Caldeirao & flows through the municipalities of Sao Bras de Alportel, Tavira, Alcoutim, Castro Marim Faro district. Odeleite is a right tributary of the River Guadiana.

It's known as the Blue Dragon because of it's dark blue colour & such unusual curvey shape, surrounded by the contrasting coasts, resembling the image of a dragon. 

On the shore there is an interesting landmark- The Church of the Visitation of The Mother of God. White houses of the village on the bank of the river give this place a special charm. To see the river in all it's glory, you need to climb to the source at the top of the hill. The opening view which inspired the photographer Steve Richards who took it's first pictures & discovered the remarkable shape which makes the river unique. It's outline is exactly like a blue dragon. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is the symbol of yang and the phoenix is ying. He took the photo on his flight from Cardiff to Faro, Portugal. Every year, many tourists from around the world, especially from the southern Spain go in the Odeleite region to enjoy the beauty of The Blue Dragon. 

It seems that somewhere in Europe, in the far western part of the continent, was this giant blue dragon hidden. It is fascinating to see how the archetypes of the world are represented on Earth and how they can be absolutely anywhere, waiting for someone to discover them.