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By- Aditi Maheshwari


“Ideas” – A small word igniting curiosity, creating cultures,

 transforming algorithms, exploring untapped potential of a stalwart heart.


The road of and to ideas circles undefined,

Adventurous in nature and open to different perspectives,

Includes what’s worthwhile and excludes the non-substantial,

Yet holds the capacity to destroy and just not create.


The Mind behind the ideas

Determines the nature of its impact,

Choosing to carry the weight of creation and destruction

Always a personal choice,

Just like deciding to sleep on an idea or execute it.


No matter how interesting an idea may be in reality,

It won’t fascinate all or everyone.

Not everyone will approve it, validate it or be ready to accept it.

Entertaining something you don’t understand

Isn’t always easy for outdated or rigid minds.

Birthing flexibility while birthing new ideas makes the process smooth.


Ideas are dime a dozen

But not all are worth proceeding with.

A visionary and wise approach helps discern.

Self-Trust and Faith helps in working on it.

Self-belief till you make it or fail it and beyond

Gives the needed courage.


Consistency builds resilience.

Challenging the status-quo requires strength and

Will power to not quit in between.


Being result oriented satisfies the ego.

However, working on something you are truly passionate about satisfies the self.

Fire doesn’t always burn,

It sometimes births an idea, an inspiration, motivation.

What matters is being true to yourself.


What starts with a mere idea?

Many times, takes us on a surprising journey of exploration,

of understanding ourselves better,

of seeing the potential or talents we never knew we had,

of facing some unexpected good and bad rides,

of going beyond our comfort zones,

of seeing things and people with completely new perspectives,

of making new friends and experiences.

It helps us fall in love with ourselves, our creations and others along the way.


The journey of an idea is not limited to any time zones,

The only limit an idea hold is its capability

to provide substantial meaning and purpose.

To wrap it up on a note that,

Liberation and imagination are the backbone of its existence,

And time being used as a refining tool.

Ideas are not just an explorative tool but

A sustenance tool for life and purpose.