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Bells - Melody Foretells!

Bells - melody foretells!

By- Aditi Maheshwari


With a subtle push of air

Creating a ripple of melody

The jingling and the tinkling

That soothes the senses and

Enlightens up the happy spirit.


The same bells when

Pushed strongly by air or any physical force,

Creates an emotional upheaval and

Makes us attentive towards

The winds of change.


Change some happy-some difficult

But deep down necessary

To continue the lifecycle.


Bells a source of positive declaration

And also, one

Used as a desperate call by mankind

To the divine or supernatural’s

Depending on each one’s own belief

To provide healing and solutions

Or simply pleading mercy.

Celebrating the magical bond

Between humanity and divinity.  


Prayer ceremonies, Christian hymns or declaration tool,

Not restricted by religious outlooks,

Whichever way used

Leads to affirmations.

Affirmations that bring joy, peace and clarity.


A simple bell

With magical abilities,

births the magic of sound

in ways that are

unique to each individual heart.


What better way to sum it up? -

Bells a call of heart.

Charming and delightful.