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A Butterfly Smile!

A Butterfly Smile!

By- Aditi Maheshwari


Flickering tenderly here and there,

Mini creatures spreading maximum joy,

teaching the value of present moment is all that matters.


Colourful little beings,

Unfolds the wings of grace

Encouraging to use the gift of change

To utmost gratitude and awareness.

Making even the saddest hearts smile and

Understand that lifecycle is all about moving on.


Though these butterflies stay with us for a sunbeam moment,

Yet they manage to make us appreciate in a blink of an eye

How precious our lives are and how precious our loved ones are.

Making us realise that time on earth is finite and

The call of death is unpredictable for all.


To respect and love what you have,

before the pain of absence hits hard,

regret is a guilty cycle that never stops and becomes burdensome,

its better to be wise than pity oneself for ignorance earned.


The physical self has to end but the spirit lives on.

One who lives in the heart never dies.

Acknowledging their presence with happiness is

The best memory card.

Life and love the sweetest treasures shared with others

Even if not for a long time.

The small-time span spent well with the people we love

Can last for eternity.

Choose to see from a lens of love.


A brief moment of prayer that comes

when we witness a butterfly

cheerfully swinging on the leaves of change

in the flowers of love and life.

Swiftly winning hearts with a smile.


Swimming in sunshine.

Representing the freedom of being yourself,

In a world that constantly tries to mould you into something else.


Wearing a rainbow in its wings,

Inspiring and giving hope to the disheartened souls,

To cherish each moment for what it brings,

And accept the fact that your creator -

God gave you wings.


Wings to fly and explore yourself,

To acknowledge your own magnificence,

That’s hidden with you.

To give yourself an honest chance

To live the beauty of your dreams.


Transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly,

The journey lonely, dark and deep,

Destined to make us reach our grandest version.

To see our own potential and qualities for the first time

Which though were always ours deep down,

yet went unnoticed all along.

How could we be our complete self

if not for the hard part of the story?


Who would like to miss out such beautiful transformation,

That helps us be noticed for what we truly are.

It simultaneously births our creative self.

Filled with magic, wonder, and purpose.

The patience wand is cherished for the value it builds along the way.


Romancing oneself is the gift of self-care.

Enjoying our authentic selves,

With utmost dignity and self-respect.

Partying through the chaos, and

Embracing the butterfly life

With a butterfly smile.